EventLab - Fog doesn't appear in Eventlabs

I don’t think fog appears when the weather’s set to that in an eventlab, I tend to do night-time races in all seasons and I don’t think I’ve ever seen fog.

I assume you mean generic races just customised? I haven’t tried any generic ones but I created a custom race once which was set for night time and fog and the fog was there as, every time I ran it with a convoy, everyone would complain that they couldn’t see the track.

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Fog only appears if the time is set to evening, it disappears by night.

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eventlabs at night-time, I don’t get fog - do you remember what you did and/or do you have a code?

ah, I assumed (silly me) that it’d appear whenever, I’ll give that a whirl, thanks

I don’t have that track anymore sadly. Thinking about it more and it may well have been I had it set to dawn…although the race was rolling time and the fog disappeared after the first lap.

Sounds like you had it set to evening if you had rolling time and it disappears after a few minutes. I have a track with the exact same settings. Share code is 105 839 740 if anyone wants to see how long the fog stays with it set to evening and rolling time. If course you can just set it to evening and have the time fixed and it stays all the time.

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I’ve just tested on one of my unpublished events…I set it to current season, fixed weather and tried each time of day setting and fog appears in every single one except the night setting. At a guess, I’d presume it’s deliberate, maybe because night and fog would make it impossible to see?

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But I wanted to make difficult-to-see-the-road races!

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It’s always been like that. I don’t think it’s a bug but you’d think they would make it so that you couldn’t select fog if you set the time night.


@SpirantCrayon22 - we’re doing periodic check-ins: would you please confirm if this bug continues to be an issue on different EventLabs after updates released since you first reported it? If this is consistent based on time of day we may instead consider this a SHUB request.

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Good timing! I actually looked at this yesterday after some weeks doing dawn events with fog and there was still no fog in the one night race I made (I didn’t save it, did a test then altered the setting). So, as far as I know, fog appears at all times of day except night (at any/all races/start-points/whatever-you-call-them).