EventLab - Driving Line Erased when Editing Custom Blueprints

I had first sent a trouble ticket about this five months ago along with losing the option to enable traffic in custom races.

A few days ago I made a point to point race, saved the route and published a race with it. All fine and good.

Today I had an idea for how to make it into a lap race, as close to a proper Sierra Nueva Goliath race as I could, using a custom built overpass. I spent the day with it, worked something out then continued from the last checkpoint on the point to point race and turned it into a full lap.

Now the driving line is missing from the entire race until reaching the newly built section. In the editor when I selected ‘create new route from here’ it apparently erased all of the former driving line and only saved what had been added from that point on.

PC version. You can check out the race yourself: 101 145 081

As soon as you get out of the quarry and drive over the sandy section on a prop-built overpass the driving line returns through to the end of the race but it’s missing everywhere else.

I remember now why I stopped making custom races in this game.

@Lynx8209 we’re doing periodic check-ins: would you please confirm if this bug continues to be an issue after updates released since you first reported it?

This problem still seems existing.

I could also watch it on two of somehow recent festival playlist seasonal custom races (not remembering which exactly - sorry! - but not in the same season). When playing them I was wondering why the driving line was partially missing - now I think I know how this happened.

Playing on XSX.

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While I haven’t made any new custom races since making this post my most recent route continues to be missing most of its driving line. The problem remains.

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@BomicoJoe @Lynx8209 checking in again - could you report back if this is still an issue after recent updates?

It’s taken me a while on this one but I can confirm that the problem still exists.

I loaded an older race as a starting point for a new blueprint and redrew over half of the original layout. Along the way I did a bunch of work with adding props and saved it seven times thus far, each time creating a brand new file.

I’m now test driving it in order to publish a work in progress version and the driving line is missing up to the very last section I had drawn.

Edit: I think I’ve worked out the quickest way to see this bug in action.

1: I drew an entire race but placed the finish line right before the start, saving it as a sprint instead of a circuit.

2: I immediately go back to editing the blueprint, start at the final checkpoint then hit ‘create new route from here.’ No further checkpoints are needed, I simply close the loop and save it as a circuit. Event is created, tested, published. Everything’s working great.

3: Edit published blueprint then edit the final circuit race. All I did was move one prop (the starting gantry) and add a new prop right beside it then saved the blueprint as a different version. Using this edited version I then went to test the race. The driving line is now missing.

I also confirm that the problem still exists.

Playing on XSX.

As of today I can also confirm the problem still existing. To me it appeared after adding (perhaps certain amount of) props to the custom blueprint, the route itself wasn’t edited at that point anymore.

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