Event Lab Won’t Load A Route For Editing

Sometimes when I go to edit a route I have been working on the game freezes on the loading screen and has to be force quit.
Means I can’t finish routes I have started, sometimes after many hours of building time.
It has been suggested to me this is only a problem with the snappable props?
I’m not sure if it is or not but all routes I have had trouble with so far make use of those props.

Possible replication for this issue.

Start a custom event at a PG start point to create a king or infected map. Place a few things. Then save, exit the game. Relaunch and it possibly won’t be able to edit that blueprint.

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Hi folks, for anyone affected please report the share code for your event if you have one. The share code will be the most efficient way for the team to reproduce this issue.

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I’ve submitted a ticket so hopefully im not the only one with this issue.

My sharecode is 124008668 that is having the issue. If i knew the carpark props would cause this i wouldve never used them.

The May 23rd, 2023 content update included a fix for EventLab crashes while editing projects.
@PurplePetrol13 @Twisted_Knot please post if this issue is fixed for you or persistent after installing the update (version *.588.95.0)

My blueprint is still not working after the update. I just get a black screen with buffering icon frozen right before it loads up. I can still hear environmental noises in the background like birds chirping etc.

My Forza ticket is still open so i think they’re still investigating.