European players lagging out after every race

This has been going on for about a year in Forza 7, maybe longer and it is getting worse. The race ends and they lag out, over and over and over again. Every single time. I have posted about this before and nothing. Please look into why it seems European players have this issue, while myself and other US players do not. These guys are frustrated losing their starting grid position every single time this happens. More and more of them are being affected. Please have a look and please if you also experience this please say so here. If you know of a solution like some internet setting please say so but they have tried everything. The more that tell them the more likely something will be done. I literally had 8 people joining on my head today when they would lag out.

Surely this is happening to someone on the forum. Please say so.

Lee - I’m in the UK and don’t play multiplayer all that often but have never experienced what you are describing. I play on Xbox one X - there have been a few posts about connectivity issues for PC players recently. Not sure if that’s what you’re describing?

They are on Xbox originals or X’s.

I am in the UK playing on an Xbox One SAD

WI-FI only connection because I live in a listed building so can’t have a wired connection. The WI-FI is shared by 130 apartments as it is a large converted car factory… so you can imagine how bad it is.

Even so, I have NEVER had lag issues in Motorsport 7 or Horizon 3 & 4