ES Bennie - Battle Thread

Im looking to get some battles done. Message me on xbox or comment with the details below:

When Suitable:
What track/section preferred:

Fm6 so far
Wins: 2
Loss: 0

Bump this up, looking for tandem battles

I’ll battle you when I get my wheel

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Sound bro, should be fun

Another bump, must be someone up for at least a friendly

Battle me noob!!

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Giving this a wee bump

Battle meh brooohhh

Get on xbox then :wink:

I can’t :weary:

I would but im at school :weary:

Well whenever you are free hmu


Gamertag: acr sicario
When Suitable: whenever
What track/section preferred: top gear full palm bea h
vfd rules judging restrictions etc

Cool, get this done asap

battle me!!! i have awd 1000hp viper on drag slicks, you dont want none Mr.Kilt