Errors in Forza Motorsport 6 that can be resolved in updates!

Now let’s put pressure on the site for Turn10 send an update to correct some game bugs!
As I had mentioned in a post I created, the shadow beneath the car has been maintained, and it did not take the merits of the franchise but can improve it for sure!
Another defect is in the headlights! First because they are 24 hrs tuned! Can you send an update correcting this and have a button to delete and ascend those headlights! another shortcoming is the lack of a high beam in the game! all are bad range, either car that proved acceptable with headlights and I doubt that the lighthouse that does not stand out in one overall pitch of the straight of Le Mans! In replays the headlights are with very few highlights, and to illuminate the front of the car must be less than 5 meters away. (pow … it Turn10? expected more from a game that did not send me times day / night dynamic, qualification and start more realistic!)
Just to make it clear that I am very picky when it comes to Forza! The company itself accustomed myself to it and its products Xbox 360 and Forza Horizon 2!

If anyone has found some other error bother adding this topic and make simple volume to bring improvements to the game but to make much difference to an avid gamer like us!

The Turn10 still working well but I still think that the lack of certain content delayed the evolution of the game and made Forza 6 stand still the same as always. The series is fantastic and could evolve to the next level up would add a more dynamic to the game content.
I think it lacks a schedule day / night dynamic, qualifications and released without this countdown, which is absurd for a game that seeks a higher degree of simulation have a countdown on your start.

Only with these additions forza can really go ahead of any competitor, as this Forza 6 had everything to become the best existing racing game, but the lack of these elements makes Forza Motorsport 6 the same experience as everyone else Forzas Motorsports. Ie a retracted experience and limited to a few laps because it does not have the slightest grace seek something more than 10 rounds in a championship, and all those laps the track shown exactly alike.
The experience of playing at night is fantastic, rain experience and their pools is also magnificent, but online tournaments lovers wealth of Forza Motorsport is exactly the same as all other titles, limited to the same product whenever a product lower than the direct competitor Project Cars. In the online world dynamism is always the most used content!

Leave out such content, IN MY OPINION, it was a big mistake! The Forza Motorsport franchise is not going backwards, but I think the current standard of racing games market shows a requirement for such content!

Turn10’re afraid to make your franchise better online racing for consoles? We have no explanation ceases to grow and evolve the game to a level never achieved by other racing game.
And I hope that Turn10 add more content in the final product, especially more circuits! A new circuit a month for six months would be a fantastic idea for anyone ensure the season pass, and a beautiful homage to number 6 of Motorsport series!

By yourself in private lobbies it says you can have 23 drivatars but you only get 5 other drivatars. You can get a full grid with 3 other friends but that makes it only 20 drivatars not the 23 they promised? Sucks heaps.