Errors in cars


I’m having quite some fun in FM6 but the more I play, the more errors I find in cars… Shall we sum up all that is not correct? I mainly find things missing in the US spec cars, that side marker lights don’t work.

Acura RSX - SML’s don’t work
BMW M235i - SML’s don’t work
2014 Honda Civic Si - SML’s on the rear don’t work
Nissan 370Z - SML’s don’t work
Plymouth GTX - SML’s on the front don’t work, Active air intake is broken
Scion tC - SML’s don’t work, also the right tail light is mirrored from the left one. Zoom in, and you’ll see Scion mirrored in it…
VW Golf mk3 - SML’s on the front don’t work
VW Golf mk2 - The car is EU-spec, but there are US tail lights installed.
VW Scirocco 16v - SML’s on the rear don’t work
Volvo 850R- SML’s don’t work.

Also an oddity I found is that the BMW M235i is said to have a manual gearbox in Forzavista, while we clearly see squential shift buttons behind the wheel.

I’m sure there are many more:

Here’s a picture of the Scion right tail light, which must be mirrored from the left tail light…

Just to show you that’s not the case everywhere: Just look at the Abarth 500 esseesse, which has the fog light in the left tail light, and the rear-driving-light in the right one…

Yea there’s so many errors I found too, E46 doesnt have LED brake lights just lights up like a normal car, I liked Fm4 for details like that which they got right, this seems a step back in some cars.