Error Code 80600001

Hello Fellas,

Since I started playing Forza 5 I just can play solo and when I try playing multiplayer this error message shows up (it’s in german).

At first i thought it would be a teredo problem, but I deactivated the teredo filter of my router and forwarded all necessary ports.
Now teredo seems to work but the error message still shows up. So I reinstalled the whole game and it still didn’t work.
So I wrote the official Forza support and I just got this message:
“If you are experiencing any issues with connecting to Multiplayer or are receiving a DNS error message in-game, please check out our support articles:

Multiplayer Connection Troubleshooting.
IPsec error message

If those steps do not work, please contact Official Support for further assistance.
I tried all the steps in said articles, but nothing works, and the Microsoft support said it must be a Forza problem. So I wrote the Forza support again and again but I just receive this same message, which doesn’t help me.

I’m getting desperate and I am very thankful for everyone who has some kind of idea.

That was it.
Thank you so much. ^^

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