Error: AP501


when I straight download and install the final, then I end up with the AP501-Error and get stuck at a non-responding first screen after pressing page-up + quit.

On the other hand, if I download and manually install the beta, as described here: - YouTube and then update to the final via the store, then I end-up with a working game.

I tried this on Windows-Build 14915 and 14926.

Updating Windows-10 from Build 14915 to 14926 will wipe all installed apps and games, even if they are installed on a non-OS-drive and everything has to be re-downloaded and re-installed.

Updating from Build 14926 to 14931 will keep all installed apps and they are still working, but partially wipes FM6, which gives me again the AP501-Error, after re-downloading the now missing part of the game and / or completely re-downloading and re-installing the final version of the game.

Windows and / or the store unfortunately “remember” that the higher build was previously installed and refuse to let me re-install the FM6-Beta, even after some manual clean-up, which means that I would have to go back to an older backup and start again the FM6 install from scratch.

There must be something missing / be different in the final version in comparison to the beta, because otherwise I would not need the beta as base to be able to end-up with an working game.

Finger’s-crossed, that you can figure it out and maybe fix-it in the next build or with just a small update.


Are you talking about FM6 or Forza Motorsport Apex ?

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex