Environment - Wrong Curbing and Tree Layout in FM’s Nordschliefe

The trees and their layout look like they were simply copy and pasted from other tracks.

While I refuse to play this game due to its cars’ visual issues, poor fidelity and graphics - I had to test the update 5 to check whether the cars’ graphics were updated or not (NO they still look terrible) - I came across something strange with the new track added in the update.

The Nordschleife has this strange forested and off look that is not accurate when compared to IRL track and GT7.

The pine trees that have been copy and pasted from other FM tracks are monotonous, dense and make the track look like a jungle location. It is not reminiscent of the airy, open track in IRL.

A lot of the curbs and track corners are either unusually wide or incorrectly modeled as well. The video provided also gives a wonderful example of these inaccuracies!

As if the critically worse car graphics, audio and bugs were not enough. Wish you did one thing RIGHT at the least.

I don’t care about inaccurate trees, but i am annoyed by the floodlights, there shouldn’t be any.

The graphics also look fine, at least on my computer while playing it on a LG OLED TV. I am dissapointed about the lack of detail if it comes to the front and tail lights of cars and other minor details, but i can live with it.


Same. Don’t care about inaccurate treelines when there a more pressing issues and bugs like:

That currently affects nearly all tracks in the game.

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I haven’t noticed any seams yet, maybe i just don’t pay enough attention to such small details. I mean if you drive so fast you can barely see such seams.

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The lower the resolution the more noticeable they are.
They are unmisseable on Xbox especially in Performance RT mode because the TAA makes the flicker.

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Well i play it in native 4K with 100% res scale so hmm. :man_shrugging:

True. You cannot deny that T10’s and FORZA’s standards at least from its previous titles have always been photorealism and its promise in accuracy of tracks and cars with the highest possible fidelity and standard-setting graphics on Xbox.

The game has been been absymal visually in terms of its cars’ graphics. And now the most requested track is not accurate in its presentation. It is a licensed racing game after all! These things are not to be compromised.

The bugs have always been there it is the devs job to test and review the game before each update and launch.

Part of a racing game is appreciating the cars and tracks/environment details. I always have in past FORZA titles and I believe others have too. And this has been the worst visually and in terms of bugs. Where is your passion, photorealistic standards, polish and your attention to detail, T10???


It quite literally one of the first issue reported after launch more than 5 months ago and one of the highest voted one but Turn10 has yet to acknowledge it (and continues to add more tracks with this issue).

Yeah well sorry to hear that, but i am not affected by it. But i just upvoted, if that helps at least a tiny a bit. :smiley:

I 100% agree. Whenever GT8 is released I will purchase the new PS system and a whole new sim set up. I’m sick and tired of being disappointed by this game. I still can’t believe how badly duped we all were when they were releasing all the videos hyping this game up and it’s a complete pile of :poop:

Thank you for providing us this information and feedback. We have passed this along to our dev team for future investigation. We will now move this topic from the Troubleshooting Hub over to the Suggestions Hub to collect further votes and comments.