Environment - Disappearing / invisible tarmac on PC (1615983)


I was looking forward to Update 2 because they said that the solution to this problem would come in this update but in my case it was not like that, I still have the problem, I even think it has gotten worse, what is the problem and how can it be solved? The characteristics of my PC are:

Windows 11 Pro
Intel Core i9-10900k
4x 8,0 GB Corsair Vengance Pro RGB DDR4-3200 Mhz
Aorus Z590 Pro AX
EVGA RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra

You made it worse with your 2.0 update. Please let the community know if there is anything we can do to help you diagnose this issue. This is extremely frustrating!


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Agreed with all the above. It’s far worse with the update, Yas Marina as a track I’m getting as much as 20+ percent of the track invisible and it’s completely impossible to set any kind of lap times when you cannot see corners.

In addition to the track, the buildings, the stands, the bridges, towers, walls, etc. also all disappear as I get closer to them and in some cases are effectively blinking, almost like they are changing LoD models and cannot figure out which one to display.

This is all on a nearly top end AMD processor and an NVidia 3080.

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I completely agree, Update 2.0 made the problem worse, now more things disappear from the environment at a higher percentage. And it’s a shame because I like the game so much and it’s so frustrating not being able to play it because the game turned out too broken on PC, they must improve quality control a lot, especially on PC due to its multiple hardware combinations.

Hello everyone,

Update, after noticing that the game was going very poorly and starting to have stuttering symptoms in Starfield, I decided to make space on another 1 TB SSD that I have and I have had no problems, apparently the SSD that I bought for its price since I needed good capacity it has not had Dram cache, that is to say Dram-less, and since it was almost full it started giving me random access problems, given the tests on the other SSD that does have Dram cache, I have decided to send another SSD with Dram to see to replace the current one, I think that in my case it may be the problem of environmental elements that are lost, I will write the results when I test the new SSD.


Unfortunately even after update 3 the issue is still occurring. The first round seems to be fine but then in the 2nd round it is really extreme again.

Exactly what happened to me. I did a 6 lap race in Silverstone, with the graphic settings pumped up, no problem. Everything looked nice, the entire track stayed in place, no popping, no glitching, the entire race was about perfect, but the moment I started the second race in Barcelona, everything felt apart, by the time the last lap was up, this is how it looked like…

Not only that, but the podium sequence also took forever, several minutes, whereas the one for Silverstone took just a few seconds, the difference between both races was extreme, from almost perfect to bad as usual…

same thing, the issue is still relevant for me

I doubt this will ever truly go away in this game. It was working fine for a couple races. Even able to turn off track limit markers. However in a builders cup race the other night the issue comes roaring back and I’m driving on the void again.

Bug Info: Tarmac disappears during races
Platform: Windows on NVME SSD
Edition: the expensive version
PC GPU: 3060 TI, latest game ready drivers.
Settings: Doesn’t matter

Previous Threads

Bug Info: career, builders cup, practice and race, honda. but any track and car.
Platform: Windows PC
Edition: Standard.
Account: Solo account.
PC GPU: Rtx 3070 laptop, always up to date, 1 jan 2024
Peripheral: xbox elite gamepad controller.
Settings: Mostly maxed out with dlss, with or without raytracing.
Xbox Settings: pc
Attempted fixes: Restart doesn’t make a difference.
Content Update: Last few days, now 1 jan 2024

While driving on a track after a lap or two the track and road and offroad all dissapear. There is literally no track or road or offroad visible. Just driving on invisible surface. Cant play this way.
Gamebreaking bug. Happens always.
It looks like the car is driving in the middle of the air without any road visible. The road and offroad and boundaries are all there, but they are not graphically visible.

Sometimes, some part of the track is visible. Like grand stand and other stuff. But its mostly visually dissapeared. I can crash into an invisible barrier or drive on an invisible grass or offroad marbles, but it shows only air. First few laps (2 laps or so) the full track is visible.

nice rig! =D
I love this game so much. I just exit > restart (race/practice). And redo it.
It is pretty annoying if I wanna drive a long racing session and right in the middle the track dissapears. haha.

Well, I am used to restarting races after long progress, as I often play rFactor 2 with a gamepad. lol. One tiny mistake and my racing car is K.O. Happens often.

ty for reply
Hope it gets fixed soon

FYI. This doesn’t happen if I turn track textures all the way down. Looks like garbage but at least the track is there. Except Yas Marina. I think the textures in Yas Marina are stuck on high since they look better but ALSO almost always disappear. So Yas Marina is unplayable. If Nurburgring Nordschleife does the same thing I will definitely cry myself to sleep.

For me @ the moment all tracks are impossible to Race… Few Days ago ihave no problems to play 5hours+ …
then i shutdown the PC and today nothing works anymore. No Online avaibilty (have fixed it with the Registry Change) and missing Textures after few Rounds and after the Race a cant do anything … Press the Button down right hasnt work. Its a Farce that this Developer has no Clue abourt Releasing a functional Product and have big problems @ EVERY itteration…

Unfortunately, this is not a game but a frustration test


About an hour ago, the track disappeared in the first race of this week featured career Series (AstonMartin / Hockenheim) lap 4 and 5.

PC Steam

if this happens once to me … it happens at all following Races. Regardless which Track i choose. A Game or also an PC restart wont help. No one has a working Fix for this.

Im on PC

Game @ SSD → NVME
CPU 5700x
GFX rx6800
32gb 3600Mhz RAM
all @ Stock Settings

Its ridiuculus and im really mad @ this incompetent developers.
In the meantime i have tested Rf2, FH4, Assetto Corsa, MS Flight and all WITHOUT such problems.

This bug plagued the game since the beginning, but in update 3.0 this was the first time to me.

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Laguna Seca is also unplayable.

Also had this issue. Got worse with every update, with Update 3.0 the first circuiit would be fine but after that would get severe disappearing track.
I had tried everything including the reverse lod clamp/allow, tweaking settings, upgrades and all sorts!
I had nearly given up…and then…solved!

To solve:
I downloaded “DirectX End-User Runtime” direct from the mcrosoft site, and installed it. This takes about 30 seconds.

Since then, I haven’t encountered even one occurence of the issue.

I could barely beleive it
FM is absoluately great now!!

** Update**
Spoke too soon.
Track and side props (e.g. stands) disappeared on Hokenheim lap 5 just now.
Laps 1-4 were fine.
Makes me wonder its an issue where video memory is getting full?
After the 5 lap race, closing out of the race was really long loading time to exit - so is this a memory issue of some sort?
Anyone have any ideas or know more about video memory to able to resovle this?

The fix mentioned in this post might still help as before I was getting blank track from lap 2 but now it didn’t appear until much later.

My Disapearing Track Issue comes with 100% busy NVMe SSD…


Stll happening with me too. Even with update 3, I had tracks go missing by Lap 3