[ENTRY PERIOD: OPEN] The Bentley Experience: GT3 | Final Round

The voting period will be delayed until further notice. I’m trying to get a hold of iHomie OG and his entry. Thanks for your patience.

Bump because i’m replying to galleries.

Thanks Viper…much appreciated.

If I don’t get a response from him by tomorrow morning, then the 4 who were eliminated from the first round will get another chance for 3rd place against i r will77.

Alrighty…unfortunately I have received no response from iHomie OG. Therefore, the backup plan is to bring back the 4 contestants from the first round to face off for a chance for 3rd against i r will777:

DJ Lime
Insane Ridicule

I will give you guys a couple of days to submit me your entry. We will run round 1 again from the tournament in which was to submit any kind of photographic image. In other words, give me your best photo. From there, voters will vote their top 2 favorites (RULES MAY CHANGE). Whoever gets the most vote will move on, and face i r will77 for 3rd.

The rules? The rules are simple. Don’t cheat…you know the drill :wink:


If I receive all entries beforehand then voting will begin shortly afterwards. The earlier the better. Thanks.

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