Enthusiast band dead?

Is Enthusiast band dead? I start playing multiplayer 2 weeks ago. Started as Grassroot or something like that, and at prime times there were always lobbies with at least 15 people. Now I moved to Enthusiast and the max I can get is 4 people, is that band dead?

Just about everyone is in pinnacle (the top league) or close to it if they played enough. It’s really hard to lose points unlike before so now the upper leagues are populated well. So what you are seeing is how basically starting the game late is a disadvantage.

Depends on the series and the time… Last Saturday I got 15+ people in Ghost league.

Would have to agree with you there; only I had better luck with 70’s F1. Only stuck around for one race but it was 12 deep and surprisingly free of collisions, for me at least, had to avoid a few people who spun out due to “over-pressuring” each other, on my way to the checkered.

I still can’t get out of grassroots as half the time I can’t connect and the rest I play against level 5 and don’t get enough points to progress.

Profi leagues are the same. Friday evening, best time to play, 5 people in the lobby, after a few races l was alone with another guy. Winning was worth the incredible amount of 13 points.