Enough with the complaining!

This thread doesn’t help at all :smiley:
It’s the internet: People love, people hate, people complain about the haters, then people complain about the complainers, then silence, then repeat.
It’s getting boring.

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T10 remove fan favorite features and tracks. This is a fact.
So I believe its our god given right to feedback that to them and they should welcome it with open arms.

What they do with that feedback is out of our control.
How you interpret that feedback is out of our control

Now stop complaining.

Roll on this league system. I hope it becomes a fan favorite but then i also hope they don’t remove it in F7!


Your complaining right now lol

Pointless post resulting into a pointless thread.

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Pointless reply/quote

we can keep this going forever!
mods need to close these kind of threads straight away (even delete then)

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I don’t know if I said anything wrong but if I did I apologize.


You think the complaining is bad now? You should have seen it during the first week of FM5’s release…


Complaining and criticism aren’t bad things and can actually be more helpful than just saying something is wonderful, it just needs to be done in the correct way, don’t say “this is rubbish and I hate it” say “I don’t like this because …” and then try and give alternatives , don’t jump to conclusions as to why something was done the way it was or rely on guesswork to back up your claims, you don’t know that “more people will like it your way” but you could say that “everyone you’ve talked to or discussed something with has been positive to your suggestions” and don’t take it personally if your ideas aren’t implemented or something isn’t explained to you in minutia why something is or isn’t done, heck, sometimes top brass will hand down a framework of what the game must entail without explaining why to the developers so they certainly aren’t going to explain themselves to us. Sometimes things are the way they are just “because” and that’s all we will ever know and its something we all have to learn to accept.

And remember everyone on this forum has at least one thing in common …Forza, so don’t attack each other and try to have a bit or respect for everyone here even if you don’t agree with their views.


This^^^ I worked for a huge company that if we wanted our feedback to be heard it’s gotta be worded professionally and friendly that way it doesn’t create a hostile environment.

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Don’t forget about people demanding refunds for previously purchased fh2 dlc because it’s now a free bonus that’s included in the fm6 preorder. … smh

But…but…I paid for it in FH2 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

YEAH!!! :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

if you dont wanna see complaining you best stay off the internet. I’d even believe that the amount of complaing on the internet now even overshadows the amount of " people doing things without dressing warm enough "

I am complaining that Forza 6 is basically Forza 5 just made prettier lol. Nothing has changed, the game is 44gb instead of 40gb which was FM5. Trust me it’s the same game and Microsoft & Turn 10 are milking everyone till the last drop.
Did I mention I was breastfed when I was a baby?
Yummy lmao

I hate what they are doing and I am not getting the game, maybe next year I will for $19.99.

Lets see,lots more cars,way more tracks,rain,night time,yeah sounds just like FM5 to me. As for the 44gb,they have just learned to optimize the code better. I just don’t understand some peoples way of thinking!

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Yeah, it’s totally the same as Forza 5, despite having more than twice the cars and nearly twice the tracks that Forza 5 had at launch, including seven tracks never before seen in a Forza game, as well as the brand new multiplayer leagues system and newly designed menus and UI. Yep, totally the same, nothing new here at all.

As for the size, Helios from T10 said that’s mainly due to data compression being better on Xbox One now than it was back when FM5 came out, though why you’d base your opinion of a game on the size of the download for it is beyond me.

All I can add to this is that everyone can do whatever they wish. I decided to not purchase the game. FM5 & PrCars ruined it for me, not to mention NFS!! DriveClub on the other hand has become an amazing achievement over time with monthly updates. I am waiting for GT7 but I am at the point where I don’t really care for that game anymore.
Yeah FM6 has some changes but nothing extraordinary.

Like I said earlier I hope people who buy it will love it and try to enjoy it. I’ll go drive my P1 GTR & Ferrari FXX K in DC instead lol. Good luck to everybody and peace out :slight_smile: