Enough with the complaining!

Really getting tired of reading this Forum and people either complaing about
-Car List
-Weather and Night Racing not being on every Track
-The Music
-The Sound
-The Physics
-Lack of Demo etc etc

And also about comparing PCars with Forza 6
Turn 10 have done the best they can with the resources and equipment that they currently have (and as well as technology)

First,the car list.If T10 was to accomidate EVERY players taste,there would be everything from that stupid Lycan Hypersport thing off Fast 7 all the way down to Kei Cars
As it stands right now,i personally think the list is BANG ON.Its good to see a lot of older Forza cars coming back to the series,and now the V8SC s have been released…well,this is icing on the cake

Weather and Night racing.Yeah its a shame not every track has it or there is no dynamic weather or day/night cycle.But from screenshots and videos ive seen,who really cares when it looks so damn good!

Music and Sound.I turn the music off when racing since its not the Horizon Festival (and truth be known,i dont listen to the music in that either)
The sound is wicked in this game.But hey,im sure there is someone who ll say errrgh,Project Cars is the be all and end all when it comes to Sound…Yes,this maybe true but that game has more bugs than an exterminator would be able to handle in 1 life time

The amount of complaining i read on this Forum is borderline childish.Yes,there is ALWAYS room for improvement in the Forza series but the way this is shaping up,it ll be the best one yet.I realise this thread will either get locked or stir up a Wasps nest,but either way just get pumped for the 15th September (or the 10th if you have the U.E)



Are you now complaining about other people complaining ?


Complaining/Making a point/Venting

It’s okay to have constructive criticism so that devs hear it and use it to make the next game even better, and praising the game.

However the people who write long heated rants having a tantrum about things that don’t really matter to most players is annoying.


Actually it isn’t okay. Saying how the game could be improved is wishlisting and outside of the stickies is against the rules :wink:

So to avoid getting threads locked everyone talks about what they don’t like but avoids saying how to solve it. Makes it look like everyone’s out to rant, but that’s how the forum is supposed to be apparently.

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Some people just can’t be satisfied. They have their vision of what their dream racing game would be like, and compare the game that they’ll get to that dream. Of course these people will get disappointed.

Same thing with the people who really enjoyed the features of previous Forza titles that probably didn’t cause them any problems, and can’t understand why these features have been removed in the first place.

As for the car and track lists, we all have our favourites. Some people can’t understand why this and that car or track don’t make the cut, because in their minds, THEIR favourites are the obvious choices. I reckon some narcissistic tendencies exist among players in the Forza community, just like is exists in any community. Perhaps these are the ones who are noticed the most in the forum.

Because of the diversity, most of the players of FM6 will definitely be happy with both track and car lists, but it’s a lot easier to complain about something than to express being happy with something. It’s just how people function. Satisfied players play the game, while the unhappy players who feel like they are missing something do what they feel necessary to get heard.

Of course, lots of satisfied players post in the forum as well, but those voices don’t stand out as much as the ones who post numerous posts in every possible thread and subforum to get their message out about something they aren’t happy about.

One should also realize that there’s a fine line between constructive criticism and complaining for the sake of complaining. Some people may start out a post with good intentions, but in the heat of the moment, it might turn into something different. It happens.

My point is that lots of people post in here with lots of different intentions and with lots of different notions of how things should and could be. Sometimes, that escalates into something it wasn’t meant to, and sometimes it gets ugly from the start. If something irks you, take a minute and think about if commenting on what might already be a tricky subject to discuss, and if what you want to respond with helps the discussion or if it will only fuel the fire of someone who just won’t listen.

Think before you post, ignore what you might not be able to fix with a response, and let the moderators deal with the posts and comments that really don’t belong on the forum in the first place. If we all try that, this forum and its community might have even more fun with the Forza games. Just my two cents.


Easy now lad, this is all feedback for T10. We are all making the next names together with ideas T10 crafts what we want up so we could buy it. Some post come across wrong but it’s all feedback :slight_smile:

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People are complaining on a video game forum?

Odd. Hadn’t noticed.


Three things are certain in life; death, taxes and people complaining on the Forza forums.


I’m looking forward to playing the game sure it sucks that I haven’t seen any DTM or Super GT cars listed but I hope they come as dlc down the road

Another thing is certain on these forums,

every thread has people telling what they want or hoping to get :frowning:



I am counting down the days left until i can play it! Can’t wait!

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I thought the forum had been pretty calm of late, sure people have been posting there views but that’s a norm and what forum’s are for amongst other things.

Gotta love the irony…


Whos Iron?
I like mine Drycleaned…

Anyway,good to see im not the only one who feels this way
‘Damn you Rock em Sock em Robots,Cant we all just get along??’

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There would be a lot less complaining if FM5 wasn’t so awful! Instead of thinking about all the myriads of new possibilities and what not, many are thinking whether the game is actually a wise investment given the omission of so much infrastructure on FM5, and still a few unanswered questions on FM6. I work in gambling but I’m not gambling on this that’s for sure. I just hope they’ve moved well away from FM5 otherwise this won’t be last you’ll see people moaning!

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So long as people are respectful, on-topic and constructive, they can say whatever they want in my opinion. Feedback is feedback after all and if somebody isn’t happy with a part of the game or an announced feature, they have a right to let people know.

I was hoping to race against you again :frowning:

We probably will race again :slight_smile:

I’m waiting until more questions are answered, hopefully all those answers turn out to be positive.

T10 don’t read this forum, lets get that straight. They haven’t responded or even cared to mention in the least some of the topics that people have “complained” about since FM4. So lets just stop the “oh they’re listening/care about what we want.”

So many people want FM4 remastered lol

The tracklist is missing some big tracks that were in FM4 that were community favorites. This franchise is a success because of games like FM3/4. Maple, Suzuka, Kaido, etc…

The carlist I can see being subjective as there are so many cars, and such varying taste. The tracklist however does not fall under the same leniency.

What bout recognition for artist? They took that away when Store Fronts were removed. So much harder to look for designs and logos from an artist you like. What about the auction house being removed? People would spend hours to paint and tune a car and put it up for auction, that was a lot of fun. Yet T10 has failed to mention at all why either of these were removed.


Some might say…

“Enough of the complaining about the complaining”

Just saying, not complaining lol!