Enough is Enough

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Very good works
yoda is awesome


well done Mimic,
your Yoda is Awesome!! very great work
& nice design

Stunning work Mimic. The Toyoda is awesome buddy

thanks again for all the comments people. appreciate the positive support.

i have to do an Archer car here soon…but what else do yall wanna see? women? comic book stuff? super hero stuff? evil stuff? random fun stuff?

ROCKET RACCOON!.. or the Winter Soldier. I’m pretty excited about Marvel’s movie offerings this year and I’m pretty sure either character would make a crowd pleasing design… then again, I’m sure anything you create would please the crowds. The finished Yoda looks excellent, btw.

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I vote something evil.


Hmm, looking good it is, yes

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great job, will definetly look for this one

Yoda brilliant as expected,looks mean,and them ears on the Toyota badge XD

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it’s a shame that i cant take the credit for that. i wish i could…but nope

How do I find and download your paints jobs? Or anyone’s else’s for that matter?

You have to but the car and when you do it gives you the chance to find paints automaticay. Or you hit the (used to be select) and you can search them that way

Did you take down the livery or got taken down by Disney? Wanted to buy the Dagobah version but it’s not available.

I took it down for a minute. Had to fix something else. It will be back up shortly

Amazing job MiMic but cant find it :frowning: has it been taken down?

yoda turned out well… digging the colour choices!


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Yoda is back up and available again

i got design.thanks!!The Force is with you, always.

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ok i have to…

and also with you!