Engine on/off, switch combustion/electric drive

I think they should add a keybind for engine start/stop. This is because, I think that these would work well in Forza Horizon due to it being open world so there is more possibilities with friends and also, some cars have really nice start up sounds…

Add ability to turn off the engine, headlights and police light bars. Turn signals are not really important for me, but would be appreciated!

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Ability to Remote Start cars that come standard with certain cars in the game as well as the ability to purchase and equip them on the rest of the cars from ForzaVista outside of the car or from inside of the Player House or Festival Outpost.

Id love to see the opportunity to start up the engine (and also to turn the engine off)

Ability to switch between internal combustion and electric driving modes in certain cars which are hybrids.