Endurance Racing tactics

I have tried for some races to finish the Le Mans endurance race, but every time on lap 5, the car stops. No damage, the engine just stops…
How are you driving the endurance races? And when do you take your pit stops, I imagine pit stops will solve my problem…
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

MY initial thought is that you’re running out of fuel… are you keeping an eye on the fuel gauge?

It constantly on 90.0, if I am not looking at the wrong place…
That can be my problem…

If your using the HUD just below your gear is a white line that is your fuel just watch it & it will turn grey as your fuel runs out so you know if there’s only a little white left you need to pit asap.

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Are you using the R18? If so, fuel consumption is abysmal and you need to pit on lap 4 going to 5. The 908 on the other hand can make it 7 or 8 laps before requiring a pit stop. Neither represents a realistic stint but that’s the way it is right now.

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yup your running out of fuel. Be warned i did this race last night and it took me almost 2 hours to finish!

I ran the Le Mans endurance race last night too, took me 1 hour and 56 minutes if I remember correctly. If your car is just stopping you must be running out of fuel. I Had to make 5 pit stops along the way. On the first lap I busted one of my headlights and had rewind turned off so it was really interesting to do basically the whole race with one headlight.

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I just ran the Le Mans endurance for my second time, you definitely need to pit between lap 4 and 5 with the R18. Managed to complete it in 1h48m this time, and kept both my headlights.

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That’s interesting, I used the Peugot and had to pit between laps six and seven. The Peugot must get a little better mileage maybe? Congrats on keeping both your headlights :wink:

I used the Peugeot on my first run and my first pit stop was between laps 8 and 9, so it must to some degree be dependent on driving style as well. I made the headlight remark because I too ran the entire race with one headlight the first time, so I feel your pain :stuck_out_tongue: