Endurance races in showcase are completely broken

I run an Endurance race and it’s impossible to even get up towards the front of the pack, why ? because the pi is incorrect.

Although this could be a great feature it’s completely ruined because it’s setup incorrectly.

I played on Pro and its nearly impossible to loose a race, where unbeatable is too hard. When I play endurance race on pro, I can’t even come close to first place, it’s a joke. Every car out accelerates mine by a mile, including the *same pi car", of course this happens nowhere else in Multiplayer? Inconsistency is nobodies friend.

So I finished 7th with my completely inferior car, meanwhile doing an excellent job racing.

Now I replay the race with a different car, make it to second place it requires me to pit a second time. Did the other Ferrari have to pit that is going faster than me? Nope of course not, did the other cars that then pushed me back to 5th

The ai drivers are more aggressive than any other thing in single player.

From a guy whose favorite thing is Endurance racing this is completely wrong and screwed up. Gotta say I’m beyond disappointed just because it seems nobody thought this through or checked that it worked. Everything else in the game is perfect but this is plain awful.

Please readjust this and fix it.

I’ve raced the Catyluna 100 twice and it’s made me so angry I’ll have to take a few days off from this game.