Elmsdon on Sea Sprint Leaderboards

The same individual has the top spot on four of the seven Elmsdon on Sea Sprint leaderboards:

A800 #1 @ 00:02.736
B700 #1 @ 00:03.604
C600 #1 @ 00:04104
D500 #1 @ 00:05.138

…and is second on the Discipline/Challenge behind another clown:

  1. 00:00.067
  2. 00:02.786

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If it were just one impossible lap time I’d say give them the benefit of the doubt, could be been an accident. But jeez… FOUR obviously impossible times on the same course… yea they’re definitely cheating on purpose.

I know it’s possible to post a time like this by mistake, cause it happened to me like 8 months ago. I sent in a ticket about it, asked them to take my time off the LB, and their response to my detailed report about an exploitable bug was basically just “thanks for your interest in our community!”

I think they did finally take my time down a couple months ago (I stopped getting messages from randos about it, yay) but the bug is obviously still there.

TLDR = I have no clue if they care about cheaters/patching exploits, and it’s very annoying.



It’s bad enough that leaderboards for most classes have already been wrecked with over-powered farm equipment, clown cars, make-believe-mobiles, and other such nonsense, but to have some trash like those guys piss all over them like that is really unnecessary.

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Farm equipment and the toy car will be removed from leaderboards, right?