Elite disign auction info

Hello everyone, first of all I apologize for my bad English and for the information I am asking to make up for my shortcomings regarding FM7.
I state that I started playing FM7 again after many years of absence, to be exact I haven’t played with FM since FM4.
I painted and tuned a '65 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and after days of painting and tuning I wanted to auction it to make a profit to reinvest in new cars to be painted and tuned but I realized that the auction allows me to sell my car for a limited price.
However, I noticed that in the elite design auction cars are sold at prices significantly higher than the limit I found, so I would like to know how I can do to access this type of auction.
I thank you that you will help me with some information and I apologize again for my inexperience.

More than 90 views and not even a hint, it’s probably a foregone conclusion for everyone or a difficult question for everyone. Thanks anyway to the whole community.

Im not 100% sure, but i think you need to reach a certain amount (20.000?) of downloads to gain elite status.

Thank you very much for the information BaBaKeIsaiah, now at least I have an indication to look for information.
First I’ll check the game’s many objectives to see if any of them match.
Thanks again for your kind reply and good day to you.

Dear BaBaKeIsaiah I have finally unlocked the achievement “ll About the Benjamins” but nothing happened and I didn’t have access to elite design auctions.
Obviously, access to these auctions is a mystery that I will never reveal and will not be able to sell any of my works.

The achievements are not tied to the status. You need a certain number of downloads, multiple thousands, not sure about the exact number. Its very poor game design that this information is not in the game. You could ask in the Horizon 4 forum, since there are more people active there.
The number of downloads you need, to be able to become an elite seller, should be the same or comparable in both games.

Thanks again for your BaBaKeIsaiah answers, it is still a bit absurd, not having precise indications directly in the game and above all being able to accumulate hundreds, or perhaps thousands of downloads with low revenues that do not allow you enough earnings to buy new cars and produce new liveries. In practice I would have to paint for hours to create dozens of liveries for a few cars to be able to reach the numbers necessary to access the elite design auction. Also because we honestly say that painting the cars won in the race and that nobody uses is perfectly useless as well as tiring.