Elite and legendary tuners

I know how to tune a car. I had a Lamborghini countach that was doing over 200 mph and not a single person liked my tune. The car did handle descent but not perfect but I could do almost every speed trap. How do I know these tuners are actually legit and not hackers. I haven’t done any tunes on fh4 due to working 40 to 60 hours a week.

If you want your tunes to be downloaded, you need to advertise. A lot of these legendary tuner guys have youtube channels or are streamers. Don Joewon Song for example, or even look through this forum, the different guys/groups advertise for downloads and uses. Remember you’re competing with millions of people and some of them even upload more than one tune per car for different scenarios. A lot of effort goes into this stuff, so don’t just assume because you think your tune is good that people will find it and download it.

Not only what he said, but if people do not like your tune, they will skip over your stuff on a different vehicle. If people do like your tune, then they might see if you have another car they want tuned and will be more inclined to use yours first over someone elses.

Here is what I do for example let say BMW M5 for tarmac - sprint races.

Yes there is difference between circuit and sprint as you don’t need high end speed for circuit so you can make shorter gears to get that kick after corner and beat the competition.

After the tune done I test it. Race against Expert drivatars (people looking for that level tuning to beat the seasonal events) You have to take them easily, or with not to much effort.
If you can’t your tune is bad. Go back figure out why, fix it, go out test it again. (If Drivatars leave you easily behind you have to sacrifice something and get more HP, check gear setting etc.)
The key is: Expert drivatars shouldn’t be a problem to beat with your tune at all. Once you did like 5 races go out and do “The Kraken” and “Collossus” 2 different scenario, I love Kraken because it’s wet condition and really pushes your tune on the climbing part. Lot’s of hairpins and rain all over. You gotta beat Experts without a single rewind (actually it is better to turn it off, so you will pay more atantion not to make any mistakes). Once you beat both race and you beat drivaters easily is time to share.

When you share you have to be super detailed to catch folks attention. Exapmle when you got great handling and good speed: Keyword1 - Grip (good traction) Keyword2 - Best for handling -
Description - this is the most important part since here is you place to advetise your tune. “best of the best” will not make it. But “Great handle for summer sprint events” will more specific… and yes, there is a bit different setings needed for the 4 season as tires will not warm up that easy in the winter season…

Lastly: try to tune a car what is good for the active weekly event, people looking for those things, especially when there is something they don’t care at all. Personally I hate 900+ and Cross country races, I do it if events comes up, and yes I make my own tune but once I beat the event I don’t care and many times I play dirty on those races, hitting drivatars in purpose and such. I never share those tunes, on the other hand 800 and below is my world, playing with manual transmission and love them, dirt rally or sprint all of them are great. I spend hours to test my car before enterint the event and the rulas are simple: go against expert, manual transmission, no rewind. Win or Die, I run the full race and if something not right I restart the race, adjust tune and I do it again.

I have 22 tunes shared at the moment and I see people are using them, (if someone downloads it you get 200cr, if use it 100x each time) . Nice to see 1-2k credit here and there… It inspires me to make more. Not really looking for credit, but man it feels good when you see someone downloaded and used 5x already. It means he liked it and used it and most likely will use it again in the future when uses that car.

I hope it helps you. Do not give up, but only upload good setups, bad ones won’t make a penny…