Eliminator Ideas

Maybe we you do this Playground Games! I want to suggest this! In the Eliminator let us build our own level cars and drive our own cars besides level 1 you set the limit of class and performance points level 2 to 10 C to S2 make it happen!

I can tell you now. It’s never going to happen. They can’t even reduce the font size in the final race so that players can see where they are going.

There were a lot of topics on how to improve Eliminator and some users had really great ideas. For examples, a roads only version, a session without car drops and you can upgrade only by eliminating, modifiers where everybody has level 10 cars and stuff like that. I think your suggestion is good too, but I think they’re all falling on deaf ears. Stuff will change only when people will stop playing it and they’ll need to boost engagement numbers somehow.

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