Elder Scrolls Online

Anyone else playing this? I just got it about a week ago and am really loving it.

Bought it, wanted to love it, played it for a week, got stuck on a quest I couldn’t complete after four nights of trying continuously, hated it, unpinned it. You’re welcome Bethesda.

I’m a driver, not a gamer, I guess :frowning:


What quest? Some have to be done in a group.

Ebonheart Pact for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Defeating Norion with the queen so she can do her ritual.

That one I know you have to be like level 10 to really beat him. If someone was with you it might go much faster.

Ah, there’s my problem then - I’m level 5. Side question: can I just walk away from the quest until I’ve levelled up some and the queen will still be waiting for me later?


As an Elder Scrolls fan, I really want this… except for the Online part.

Yes you can. Just go to your journal and set another quest as your active one. If you don’t have one just leave and find one.

@ iceman you don’t have to play mp really. There are tons of queata to do alone. The story itself is solo. MP does help at times. Some people doing the same quests does help. The boss monster can be trouble and others make it not so bad.

Good to know! Thanks Fyerball

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Oh no you chose the Aldmeri Dominion… Fair warning: Prisoner of Jathsogur is very picky about completion and a ton of trolls have been preventing people from completing. It requires everyone to leave the fort(and I mean everyone), and then one person enters to start the waves of enemies, then everyone runs to the basement to complete defend the Silvenar. I got very lucky and joined a cooperative lobby at like 5am. During the rest of the day the trolls hang out where the monsters spawn so that the waves can’t spawn. Supposedly there’s a patch coming eventually, but who knows…

Finally got a werewolf bite. Cost about 6k but well worth it.