EFM's 2015 Racing Series - Touring Car, GT Racing, V8 Supercars and more!

With Forza 6 officially releasing today, we think it’s the perfect time to officially announce our Forza 6 racing series for 2015!

At Everfree Motorsport, we know where we’ve come from, and we’re going back to our roots to bring you some competitive online racing series with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere that anyone can enjoy regardless of skill level, just like we did back on Forza 4. We’re bringing back three classic series that we’ve been running since 2012, each with it’s own support series for those that are after a smaller dose of track action.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to sign up, no matter how good you are or the level of commitment you can give to the series. If your interested in joining in for some lighthearted, competitive track action, head to our gaming page and select a series, fill in the entry forms, and I’ll get back to you over Xbox Live.

Main events - ETCC, EGTX and V8 Supercars - will last approximately 1 hour per session and begin at 9:30PM UK time

Support races - Clio Cup, Formula Ford and MX-5 Cup - will last approximately 20 minutes per session and begin at 9:00PM UK time

If you have any questions, drop them in this thread and I’ll reply when I’m not at work!