Editor, how to make straight objects?

Hi everyone, is there a tutorial for making straight objects in the editor, thank you very much ?

I’ve always wondered about this, myself…

The trick I’ve used is to find a prop which you know has a straight edge to it. The new race track pieces work well for this with marked lines but any prop with a ruler-straight edge will do. I use cargo containers a lot when I’m trying to vertically align objects.

Then just…cross your fingers and keep trying. Slowing down your camera speed can give you better control for fine-tuning but as far as I can tell you’re on your own to try and get it as close as possible.

Once you’re happy with alignment use the prop copy button rather than trying to place down a brand new one. This may be less important now that so many props can be snapped together, thank goodness.

It can also help to ‘square up’ your camera and not rotate it around when you’re placing props in a straight line. My trick here is to again find a known straight surface within the game then try to align it with the bottom of my screen, another straight surface, then try like heck to not accidentally turn my camera view until I’m finished building that section. For the longest time this was how I made long bridges, for instance. Copy a prop, nudge camera forward, vertically align, continue.

Good luck!

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Looks like its working as intended to me…

This is Fine


I haven’t had a play with the 2.0 version yet but have long (FH4 at least) suspected there’s dev tools and our tools and the difference in ease of use is day and extended night !

Try not to sweat the small misalignments (I’m one to talk… hehehe… ) but yeah, nothing spoils a nice track more than hitting a little wall jut out that shouldn’t be there turning a “clean” wall rub into a dead stop.


This editor is hell. But yes I try to copy and not create a new one, but it moves in all directions. Besides the advertising panels on my screenshot, it moves on its own, even with the controller off, I don’t know what it’s due to, perhaps the physics that makes the element slide

The editor is definitely hell, well said!

The props moving on their own could be one of two things which I’ve noticed.

There’s been an issue with the editor where when you ‘drop’ a prop it sometimes shifts just a tiny bit on its own, like it’s snapping to coordinates in an unseen grid. This can make it difficult to have perfectly smooth custom roads.

Eventlab 2.0 seems to have a brand new bug where the props will slide around as if being pulled by magnets while you’re trying to align them. They should not be doing this. I’ve made a post about it here.

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