EAC British Touring Car Championship

This is information regarding the fixed British Touring Car Championship.

Audi #67 S3 Saloon
BMW #5 125i M Sport
Honda #5 Civic
Honda #2 Civic
Mercedes #33 A-Class
Toyota #11 Avensis
Toyota #80 Avensis
Toyota #20 Avensis

Teams must consist of 2-3 drivers, car liveries and sponsors don’t have to be the same but it looks more menacing if you do!

General Information
-No upgrades or tuning permitted, this is a fixed (default) setup series.
-Cars must be repainted, found designs or default designs will not be permitted. All cars must have a sponsor (real or fake).
-Cars must display a Dunlop decal on the front and rear of the car, one is available by searching for the gamertag SkullArmy in add vinyl layer.
-Full damage will be enabled.
-All assists will be open, however I should mention Simulation steering is dangerous in Forza 6 and we’ve had some accidents from it already.


There will be ONE warm up lap in each race to reset the grid order and warm the tires a little (for instance a 15 lap race will have 16 laps in total), Cars will then line up on the correct grid markers and race will commence on the 4 minute mark of the race timer (top right of screen).

For tracks without grid markers cars must line up in two separate rows with 40ft seperating each car, the lead car can choose which side they want to line up on…

Race night structure

20:15 BTCC Qualifying
20:30 BTCC Race 1 (grid ordered from qualifying) 15 laps
–:-- BTCC Race 2 (ordered from fastest laps of race 1) 15 laps
–:-- BTCC Race 3 (reversed finishing order from race 2) 30 laps w/mandatory pitstop, window: laps 15-30.

Race 3 mandatory pitstop
There will be a mandatory pitstop with a window opening lap 15 and remaining open until end of race, all cars must make a pit stop. Any driver who misses this pit window will have any race points from that race invalidated.

Race Points (2015 BTCC scoring system refined)
P1 - 15
P2 - 13
P3 - 11
04 - 10
05 - 9
06 - 8
07 - 7
08 - 6
09 - 5
10 - 4
11 - 3
12 - 2
13 - 1
14+ - 0

Fastest Laps
1st to 10th - 1 Point
10th to 20th - 2 Points

P1 - 2
P2 - 1
P3 - 1

Championship Leaderboards
There will be 3 leaderboards updated after every race.
-Drivers championship (Top 3 drivers will take on a 5% power handicap (like success ballast).
-Team championship.
-Independant drivers championship (people without teams).


COMPLETED 8pm Sunday 27/09
-Race night 1- Brands Hatch Indy 1.21miles

COMPLETED 8pm Sunday 04/10
-Race night 2- Long Beach east route 1.34miles

COMPLETED 8pm Sunday 11/10
-Race night 3- Lime Rock Park west chicane 1.50miles

8pm Sunday 18/10
-Race night 4- Silverstone national circuit 1.64miles

8pm Sunday 25/10
-Race night 5- Road Atlanta club circuit 1.77miles

8pm Sunday 01/11
-Race night 6- Hockenhiem Ring short circuit 1.64miles

8pm Sunday 08/11
-Race night 7- Brands Hatch GP 2.43miles

To sign up please go to our here to our forum

I’d be interested if you didn’t have such restrictive rules on paints. Some people don’t have the time or patience to repaint their car just for a race series.

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I’ve considered this and am now thinking about running a separate series with less rules and a different race night structure, I’ll post it on this forum once we’ve gotten this series up and running

We’d be happy to provide you with one if you give us an idea of what you’d want, we’re just aiming to have all the cars have some of the same decals to make it a bit more uniformed and not mish mash

Can I just say that not all BTCC cars feature a what car decal.

I’d be interested all ready have a paint job ready to go too BUT want more clarification.

Clio cup. Do you provide the build or the actual tune (suspension settings etc)

BTCC if you force stock only we can’t create a tune to suit ourselves so you’re giving a huge advantage to those who are messing about with them.

Now id be fine with you supplying the Dunlop and number plaque but that’s about it as far as the paint goes.

I’m aware that it rotates to Auto Car at different times of the year with the cars that do carry the what car decal and some don’t have either, so i understand that and if you don’t want it that’s fine.

We provide a complete Clio package that will suit all tracks lined up for the season, it has a particular PI number so we’ll know if someone’s trying to use a different set up. Also I should note that the Clio cup isn’t compulsory :slight_smile:

As for the BTCC cars, everyone will just have to practice, better than having a divided grid of people who can and can’t tune a car.

We want people to do their own paint jobs, the number board and dunlop decals wont be made available until after the first night of practice though, there will probably be atleast one or two drivers we wont want to continue with. There’s always trouble makers in this game…

Count me out then my friend I get what you’re saying about the tuning but if I can’t adapt the car to work around my style there’s no point as I’ll be an accident waiting to happen. Seems a bit of a shame as well as all the settings are adjustable except brakes.

Best of luck though I’m sure they’ll be plenty of Hondas :grin:

No worries :slight_smile:

I thought there would be too but so far bmw is winning! no hondas or audis yet

I’m interested as are a few of my mates we are committed to a few other leagues though so we’d need to know the days and times
Add me on Xbox and we’ll talk about it TheRainman02

Just a reminder that this series is still open for people to join, we have half a grid confirmed so far

Myself, TGR insane, beenbarberd and sinlessviper are all up for it.

Personally I think the restrictions on tuning is a very good idea :slight_smile: then all the cars are as they are no messy about.

Where Do We Enter Me And My Mate Interested ??



Dont start multiple threads on the same subject please and im currently investigating if we are currently allowing links to off site groups which are closed.

Understood! :slight_smile: links removed also

Many slots still available if anyone is interested in racing with us. Rounds 7, 8 & 9 this Sunday.

I have two slots remaining for tomorrow nights race