E60 M5 BHP seems incorrect.

Turn 10 - Thanks for including the E60 M5. It has been sorely missed since its last inclusion in Forza 4.

The Question I have is why is the BHP for the car in question rated at over 560 BHP when it was actually 507 BHP. I noticed the same issue with the F10 M5 (592 BHP vs actual 552 BHP) as well as with the Veyron Super sport and the 2017 Nisan GTR.

Are issues like those in process of being patched?

You probably bought a pre-homologated car. Try resetting it to stock in the upgrade menu.

I noticed it in free play mode, but will keep an eye out when I go to purchase it in the career mode.

I wanted the E60 in the game for ages. That V10 engine, what a sound! It’s crazy how expensive it is though. What is it, like 140k credits? Lots of cars have bizarre prices because of the way the economy has been fudged

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I managed to get mine for free as a Driver Level reward.

I was about to turn the game off for the night, until I saw that it would be the reward for the next Driver Level. Needless to say, I kept playing until I got it :slight_smile: