E extreme - the future of racing isn't all that bright

I’m back from the abyss… :martial_arts_uniform:

So I sold off all my Hot Wheels cars. Thanks PPG but I’ll pass on the expansion and you can keep the stool samples. I wanna thank all the players for their reviews.

Now along with Hot Mess they give us the e extreme junk. Well, after running the two champ races with the e-yuck toys (I can’t call them cars) maybe vehicles. The future of racing is sad. I’m sure thankful I lived through the hayday of the muscle cars and hot rods. The kids of today have no idea what true hotrodding is all about.

I had the pleasure of building V8 powered cars, trucks, and Jeeps. Tuning dual quads, six packs, and dual points, all by ear. And many players on this game have no idea what I’m talking about.

These crappy e extreme cars sound pathetic. And they only run like a 16km race. Which is about 10 miles. That would have been about a 35-37 lap race back at the old dirt track I raced at. But there was the smell of Methanol and Racing fuel in the air. Such a sweet sweet smell. The only thing you’ll smell at an e extreme race is the acrid smell of burnt electric motors when on of those “things” smokes a motor.

I tried to sell one of the e extremes on auction but it seems PGG doesn’t want us selling their precious little e vehicles.

Not interested in the e extreme junk.


Sounds like you inhaled a bit too much of that methanol and racing fuel.


Hope so!


I haven’t raced in it yet, but I did enjoy tooling around in it for a bit. I like it. And I also like muscle cars. :shrug:

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I remember when Richard Hammond almost died in the Rimac wreck.

So PGG Should at least let these car burst into flames when they crash.

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I’m with you @AnakalaRon. These Extreme E cars were absolutely pathetic. Very numb handling, the lack of sound made the races beyond dull (and I had the Burnout Revenge soundtrack playing in the background, and even that couldn’t save it), and the acceleration is quite pathetic for an EV. It boggles my mind that we have to sit through at least three more of these championships to get even more versions of the same, identical, pathetic car.

The fact that there are so many real world racing icons attached to the real sport is astonishing too. Chip Ganassi, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Jenson Button, Carlos Sainz, Sr. I mean, seriously? Lost a lot of respect for these guys for even having a hand in the money of this sport after completing just one championship in-game.

The decision to have them race on Dirt tracks instead of Cross Country tracks is baffling too, but Playground has to Playground.


I searched all over Google to try and find the mileage limits on these cars but they seem to be keeping that hush hush. Only thing I ever found was the 16km race length. Just imagine, the future of LaMans: The 2025 24 Minutes of LeMans. The Indianapolis 50. And the Granddaddy of all Stock Car Races; The 2025 Daytona 50. Opps! Short circuited due to rain!


As someone who has lived in Indy for a few decades - that would be great!

It would surely be quieter. But if you lived there and you feel that way then you’re certainly not a true motorhead.

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I have no interest in electric vehicles, whether in a game or for real.
Other than those required for playlists, any e vehicle I acquire will remain labelled “New”.


I grew up enjoying tractor pulls and racing - but you just don’t need to drive around in circles for THAT long to have a race. There comes a point when you cross the line from excitement to tedium and the only way to recapture the former is to have a spectacular wreck.

And I’m not sure if it would be quieter. I haven’t seen Formula E in person, but they’ve seemed fairly noisy on TV.

I got two, one for some simple something and one race. Tried to sell them but you can’t auction that junk. I’ll probably just remove from garage. No interest in even doing the playlist crap for these things.

I actually like how they drive in-game. The lack of adjustable aero requires good positioning through turns because with too harsh mid-corner correcting they can snap on you.
Low speed acceleration is fine and the overall pace on Dirt tracks not as bad as expected.
For CC not so much. Too much drag and the PI inefficient engine result in very poor pace.

Welcome to the future, bud. I am hardly the biggest defender of alternate fuels but that is where the future of innovation is now. ICE is having its last hurrah. Get your Hellcats and AMG V8s while you can.

I like them! We have had the Reliant Robbin for years, I don’t know why you care so much.

Ok. E extreme, extremely boring. It’s like having 20 Ford Focus’ all tuned the same with a little different livery.

No, it isn’t, the Focus is fun to drive in the game. And you can build them up like real cars.

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Some serious boomer energy in this thread.



E extreme and the electric cars. Green to save the world.

  1. built almost 60% from petroleum based products.

  2. powered by good clean electricity produced by coal or petroleum powered power plants. Or nuclear plants, or big hydroelectric plants the greenies want to get rid of to save the fishies.

  3. powered by nice clean safe lithium batteries that are totally clean and safe for the environment in all aspects :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. So safe in fact that you can’t even take 'em on an airplane without telling them first.

Welcome to the future.


When E-cars were first coming out years ago they said that they would add fake engine sounds to them for safety… crossing the road for example.

They do make a hum at low speeds