"Dyno Dons" Weekly Drag Racing Rivals Extravaganza!

Do you miss Drag Racing Leaderboards and Rivals Events? Tired of waiting up to a minute between races in Multiplayer lobbies? Tired of people leaving their Kinect Mic on and having to listen to their atrocious music between heats?

Try Dyno Don’s weekly Drag Racing “Rival” Competition.

· Event runs from Monday to Saturday Night. Snapshots are due Saturday by 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time.
· Entrants will post on the forum (or message me) their snapshot of the best pass they made. (snapshot of the Race results) Please only post or send one snapshot per event.
· I will choose the first Car to get the Ball rolling, but after the first event winner of the previous week will choose the next weeks Car, Track and Distance.
· Since there are no means of gifting… I would suggest that if the winner so chooses. He or she can choose to put up the tune for the previous weeks event. And other participants can out of respect purchase the winners tune. This way the winner can get a little CR for their work.
· Due to no real way of making sure people adhere to Horsepower limits and weight limits, this event will be limited by PI and car only. When a winner is crowned he or she is expected to get back to me by Sunday Evening 8pm EST with a Car PI and Track for next week’s event.

I am open to suggestions to make this a fair and fun event. Hopefully T10 will see the need to reinstate the LBs and drag rivals in the near future and there will be no need for such.

This weeks first car…Fast and furious Ford Mk1 Escort, rwd a700 test track quarter mile.

I’ll purchase the car then I’m in !

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Count me in don sounds good, I cant believe they haven’t put drag lbs in the game aswel. I hope this post takes off then turn 10 will have to do somthing about drag


Oh my boys, better bring your A game…:wink: good to have you on board mr burns

Got one time back… Gonna keep the gt anonymous, but the time is 9.260