Dynamic Time of Day

There will not be animated pits.

Still no confirmation that time is dynamic

Confirmed, twice.

^^ And its pretty much a non-issue believe me! They ought to focus much more on driving model, lighting, animations, true-to-life car and racing sounds etc.

I kind of just thought the changing weather would go along with changing time. It would be disappointing to miss this again for endurance races, and a real shame if fps is to blame again.

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Dynamic weather is confirmed. In many interviews they said it. i think dynamic day/night will be also in the game. But we dont know the most important thing! RAIN TIRES? What about the tires?!? Can we race in rain with the normal tires or do we have to go to pit?

I assume dynamic weather is just daytime and a map prefix that replaces the rain maps from FM6. So assume a certain circuit location has all different weather types you will be possible to choose a map like this :


  • day
  • night
  • rain


  • day
  • night
  • dynamic weather

And that dynamic weather is just dynamic clouds and rain. Also take into account the majority of maps might just be daytime maps similar as in FM6 and the dynamic weather just on a few. The Mugello and Dubai races in the E3 demo looked like plain simple daytime maps to me.

You want full dynamic time of day and dynamic weather on every map? Sorry, you’ll need another game for that. :slight_smile:

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The assumptions you make are not consistent with the definition of dynamic … and therefore I do not agree with your assumptions.

Well, one of the posters on the 1st page posted a link where it’s been confirmed time of day will be dynamic. So apparently we won’t need to go to another game.

Also, it wouldn’t make sense to have rain on Dubai. As it rarely rains there. The dynamic weather will probably be like how the rain was in Forza 6, where, only on tracks it actually rains on will get it. Which makes complete sense. It would make absolutely zero sense, and be a massive waste of time to add rain on tracks you wouldn’t experience it in. Dubai being one example, another being Bernese Alps. Because it’s a snow track, having it rain would make no sense whatsoever, it would have to snow. And we aren’t getting snow/off-road at launch. We could get an expansion (like Blizzard Mountain). But we won’t know until it happens. We could also be wrong and them have it on all tracks. But we won’t know until either confirmation, or until release.

Also, as to how selecting it works, seeing as TOD has been confirmed, I’d imagine our choices will be either no weather, or weather. Or maybe we just won’t get to choose. We’ll have to find out.

I am wondering how dynamic weather really is. Might it just be a designed weather that is put on the tracks or is it truly random and dynamic?

so much assuming going on here… why is no one assuming that the dynamic weather/ToD system from Horizon 3 is coming in? We’ve seen that before, Turn10/playground trying something out in Horizon and then implementing it in the following FM. So when you do a blueprint in Horizon, you can choose the time of day, weather, and wether those things will be dynamic or static. I would guess that that is what we will see in FM7 (otherwise why would they call them dynamic?), but I would also be prepared for my guess to be wrong (sometime I try to do every time I make any assumption about anything in life, really.)

Because it’s a different type of game and if we were seeing feature parity between Horizon and Motorsport, dynamic conditions would have been here years ago.

I would like to see the Blueprint system coming in though, at risk of slipping slightly off topic.

It’s definitely full dynamic. Turn 10 like to talk about how every time a player returns to the track in FM7, there should be a different experience waiting for them.

right, good point. Very true. I was thinking my point made sense just because this is now the first time that they’ve promised full dynamic ToD and weather, and they’ve developed a potential usable system in the Horizon games, so to me the jump was logical. Regardless, I agree with you that it will be full dynamic and furthermore I think your argument is better than mine :slight_smile: it really seems hard to believe that they would talk about it this way and then throw something pre-baked at us.

They did not promise dynamic ToD. It’s not in the game.


One thing is in that list, another is not. And I am not so sure that weather is really dynamic because Turn 10 said that weather will be stretched out over the race length. If you race three laps you get a timelapse version of the same weather that you get in a 20 lap race. To me that suggests that they build weather the same way they did before, only now it changes per sector/time index. If it was truly dynamic all tracks would have it, but apparantly they don’t have weather on all tracks. Dynamic weather just means changing weather conditions, it does not necessarily mean random weather conditions. Which would possibly not allow 60 fps. Because you have to assume the worst case, 23 cars in front and a thunderstorm. So I would not get my hopes up, I am expecting the light rain/heavy rain/storm/sun coming out combo to be “the dynamic weather”. I would gladly be wrong.

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On the other hand, fully-dynamic anything is a lot of work for a game where 99% of the races only take about 6 minutes. I mean, how much does anyone really notice the weather or daylight change in 6 minutes? If T10 chose to bake down some aspects of the system, I could fully understand why.

I take it you have only ever raced in career mode. There are modes where you can set the race laps yourself. So you are basically 100% wrong. That’s better than 99% btw…

How dynamic can the weather be in 3 lap race round catalunya?

Lap 1 sun
Start of lap2 clouds
U pit end of lap 2 to wet tyres
Start of lap 3 rain

Does that sound fun?

I’d rather not pit on a 3 lap race and if the above senerio is right how many ppl will just struggle for that last lap? Dynamic weathe needs longer races imo

Depends all upon the player they stated that you have full control of every race. You can make every race through career mode endurance if you want to. So you don’t have short races with dynamic weather and it’s undriveable. Racing slicks would be useless. I hope they give us more control at the pit stop. Choosing fuel only and how much fuel or tires only. Or both and so on. I don’t mind dynamic tod or weather. What I hate in other games is that tod can be set to increasing speed so it changes from night to day and night again in 3 laps which makes no sense. The speed in which the track temp changes is not In real time. The rate the tires temp change because of it is not real time. The rate in which tire damage happens is real time and temp change is in real time kinda sorta at this point it’s a casserole of nonsense. So unless you running 6hr or more race don’t expect much tod change

Dynamic weather and ToD is interesting and all but I’d much rather they focus on getting the cockpit animations right.

I’m hoping time of day is not as extreme as with Horizon. If I’m running a 2 hour Showcase event, it shouldn’t take place over 3 or 4 virtual day/night cycles. They should take the lead from how Mechwarrior Online does it. In that game time of day only shifts once during the game, like from dawn to daylight or day to dusk, dusk to night.


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