DufferMac's feeble attempts at paint jobs

I’m a lousy painter, yet I give it a whirl. Here’s some of my efforts… please don’t laugh, we all started with crayons, ya know?! … LOL!

GT2 Rookie Series - Ford GT Mk7

test 2

The pic is kinda small but your paint looks good ! I think the main thing is to enjoy the process and paint for yourself. You’ll always get haters but most people on here will be supportive : )

There’s a list of links on the photobucket page, you can copy and paste the IMG link to have it show in your post. You’ll get more feedback if you can post a pic instead of the link…

I’m trying to learn how to do it… paste an an image ref into here to show the picutre, but nothing work correctly…
tried it all, including putting link in so I had it handy… I can edit the pic for size, etc., and take better pics. That’s another step.
Uploading doesn’t work.
Using [img tags don’t work…
gave up on this…

thx for the info… directions don’t work, but pasting IMG did…

Heres a link to how to post photos http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst2289_-Guide--How-To-Upload-Images.aspx

Paint looks quite good for a first attempt, you should have seen my first ones back in FM2, they were a lot worse than yours, fortunately the photos were all on the other forums. Some of the painters in here have been doing it for years and have had loads of practice, stick with it and you’ll improve too.

I couldn’t agree more with Gdub when he said “the main thing is to enjoy the process and paint for yourself.”

Yup, the boys are right…just have fun. Here’s some things you might try…it will help you to begin to expand your artistry. Try shading the cars by applying the GRADIANTs over the base coat to give you a even 2-tone color on the overall car. Experiment with colors to see what the best effect is for you…I find shapes 20-30 to provide the best aspects for this. Second, try (just try) to create your own font. I know my first ones were a heck of a learning process and really helped me around the editor. Start simple with basic rectangles then you can build off of existing text then onto more complex lettering…it really helps to grasp the concepts of shape manipulation ie, skew, size, spin…etc.

As for the pics. Heres a quickie…the address you put in the “Insert Images” box must end with .jpg, anything else and it wont work…for instance. The link you have above has html at the end, if you were to remove it and just use the portion up to the .jpg it would look like this:

instead of this:

Feel free to message me for more help on pics or tips. Otherwise, keep at it!


Its not about how good its the creativity that shows what you can do. trial and error is how we learn. Sometimes designs take time and alot of idea searching but its what you get in the end thats awesome.