Dropping the Hammer achievement bugged

Today i have completed all the Nascar showcase events, but the achievement “Dropping the Hammer” didnt pop up.

First it was stuck saying “Unlocking”, since i restarted the console 3 hours later it now is stuck at 90% - but in the game i have all 10 events completed.

What should I do?

I have already done hardboots and also replayed the last showcase event.
All the other Nascar DLC Achievements popped without problems.

Try replaying all of them until it pops

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does not help

If you don’t get any help from this forum.


Above is a link to delete local saved data. Do be carefull though, or you could bugger up all your game saves.

You state that you hard booted the Xbox while the game was trying to complete a task, I’m afraid doing this can occasionally result in data corruption. Allways re boot from the desktop, usually you will get away with it, but occasionally it will kick you in the goolies.

Either that, or give it a couple of days and as Forza updates every time you log in, it may sort itself out, barring that, contact customer support.

Oh man, i have to thank you talby71. Actually your advice worked, but i had to replay the miami 300.

Thank you both for your advice. Finally i’m back to 100% in Forza 6. I think this thread can be closed.

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Well done, glad you sorted it out.
Now don’t do it again of the Stig will puncture your tyres.

2hours replay, really?

I have the same issue but for an older game. I’m on level 40 something in FM4 and I have the driver level achievement for reaching level 40. Level 10, 20 and 30, however have not unlocked. I can’t go back and replay to unlock these stuck achievements. I’ve tried hard reset several times…frustrating.

This was also glitched for me as well. I was 80% after 9 events but before the Homestead 300. I was 90% after it. Used talby71’s advice and started doing all events again, after the Chevy Super Sport Showcase the achievement popped.

Neither Dropping the Hammer no In the Groove are unlocking for me, any word on how to fix this without replaying all 10 showcase events? Would be ridiculous to have to play redo ~4 hours of races I’ve already done

I’ve the same problem…it’s unbelievable to replay the 10 events. Does anyone know how to contact Turn10 (or someone else) to solve this situation?

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