Driving difference between free roam and race

I have a g29 wheel and cant control any car offroad during a race, I have no issues in free roam. I’ve noticed that when using a wheel in any race driving becomes more difficult, but in offroad race every car is uncontrollable. I’ve tried adjusting game play setting and steering wheel settings and nothing seems to help. Tuning my vehicle doesn’t make a difference either. Don’t understand why and its getting very frustrating. Anyone else have this issue?

I too have a G29 wheel and I am having the same exact issue. Although not just off-roading, in the Ferrari 599XX E(X Class), the fastest car in the game, free roam driving is entirely different than when in a race. You have almost no control whatsoever and launching fishtails so much you almost can’t launch at all, leaving you far behind to start. It happens with all cars, but is really prevalent when you have a faster car or are off-roading. Really confused as to what is going on, and I don’t like that when I get really comfortable with driving a car out in free roam, when I go to race it, it feels completely different.

Although I don’t have the wheel you are talking about, I have this same issue happen a lot in Drift Adventure. Drift cars in free roam can be driven much easier than when I race them. It is more common in the RWD. Sometimes a perfectly good tune in free roam will feel like I am trying to drive a heavy tank through very thick mud in a race.