Driver starting position

Why do we always have to start mid or back of the pack? I know we can use the perk option but seriously, we’re going to pass them anyway and it’s such a nuisance getting by them. The starting position needs to be more random putting us in other spots like podium, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

On another note. Why is it every race game development team creates roads that none of the cars can handle? The purpose of upgrading and tuning is so the car can handle the road. All high dollar exotic cars don’t even need upgraded since they are highly developed to ride as if on rails anyway.

Understeer and oversteer come from 2 places only. The steering gear box and the pitman arm. So why aren’t the 2 options that are actually used for that purpose in the game? Your suspension and alignment are designed to do only1 thing. Hold the terrain you’re riding on.

Suspension is for ground control and alignment so you go straight without veering left or right and not have to fight your steering wheel to keep it on the road.