Driver levels

Sorry if this should be somewhere else, but its my first post so forgive me. I have just seen a player with a driver level of 2999 *10, I looked at his gamercard and to my surprise found that he/she has completed less than 25% of the game, has played in total less than 2 days and has got next to no achievements. My question is how is this even possible. Thanks.


I’m guessing this is on PC. From what you’ve told us, they’re a cheater and you should report them.

Well i dont know what he is using but i am on xbox. I guessed there may be a ‘little bit’ of cheating but i just dont get how.

Hacks mate… i’d go as far as to say that every player above 6 stars give or take is hacking, there is just no way anyone could be that high with the game being released just 6 months ago.

Im prestige 5 and level 340, and time i have play two other accounts i would get another prestige and if i would get influence for every lap i have done i would have get another prestige. so if just focusing leveling up it would be possible to get prestige 8. but like @DaReoCharmer say im pretty sure there is not anyone how is prestige 9 or 10 legitly. @DaReoCharmer how mutch you have drive so far?

Not me, I just made it to 7 stars, I think anyone higher than 7 has probably hacked. 8 maybe is legit but 9 and 10, no way

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Wow… how? What do you do there?

Buy the skills points in the perk tree and whatever that first perk is gives you car collector points. I’ve been level 100 car collector for about 100 levels. LOL those will move your overall rank up pretty quickly, plus I believe you level up just for spending skill points

A lot of it is based on time spent playing the game as well as what you do with that time. I can say I have probably spent at least 70% of my time just driving around in freeroam earning skill points while waiting for my convoy to successfully find a ranked playground game lobby… So I definitely could have tried to grind influence a lot more with my time. To put things in perspective and link things to forum users:

As of the last time True Achievements scanned the following accounts (I just searched a few of the posters from this thread, as well as I noticed V12SprungBoss spent so much time in the game I think he broke the leaderboard for time spent in FH4 on True Achievements as he doesn’t even show up on it anymore… lol) these players have the following stats:

Jadigafer7: 1,290hrs 28mins playing FH4, earned 44,740,185 influence = 34,670 Influence/Hr; Prestige 4
XCELRATE: 863hrs 35mins playing FH4, earned 39,690,471 influence = 45,960 Influence/Hr; Prestige 4
DaReoCharmer: 1,499hrs 37mins playing FH4, earned 97,452,689 influence = 64,985 Influence/Hr DaReo is definitely making efficient use of his time spent in the game earning influence at a pretty quick pace of almost 65k/Hr. Prestige 7
V12 SprungBoss: 2,887hrs 48mins playing FH4, earned 61,967,153 influence = 21,458 Influence/Hr… Yes, V12 has been logged into FH4 the equivalent of over 120 days!! Prestige 5


Damn trueachviments page taking away my first place lol.

Xbox showing my playing time over 3100 hours so far, reason for my huge amount gaming hours and low influence per hour ratio is that i have lots and lots of AFK hours, when looking time driven from stats page i have drive “only” 793 hours (i know i dont have life)

yeah I don’t know. But what I can add is, I have played the game pretty much 6 days a week since release and have maximized the influence points from having a Mixer stream running 24/7 and I am only mid-way through prestige level 4.

TA site says 1500 hours played, the Xbox app says 1750 hours. That might help explain it also

I’d be a lot higher than I am now if not for how annoying ranked is. Can’t expect me to play a game mode where I constantly lose cause I’m being wrecked. Haven’t played FFA in a couple days and each time I think about it, I say to myself, not worth it. 1-1 since the change over and I nearly played in 400 lobbies last month. I won’t get anywhere near that this month, I’m out of patience with the state of ranked.

760 hours driven
110 hours in 1st
10588 races
6846 podiums
3516 victories

LOL and people tell me I play too much. I should tell them about common guys from this forum :smiley:

I’ve played quite a bit, but I’ve prestiged only once. Most of my time in the game is just driving. I don’t try to do anything to level up. Now on the topic of people with max level and prestige. There are actually still some money glitches around, but I’ve heard that they have nothing to do with the Goliath race. Not sure past that though.