I have noticed that the drivatars have started being quite nasty. I.E. trying to push me outside of checkpoint boundaries. Successfully at times. Spin out my vehicle and ram right into me. It’s kind of like the drivatars are performing like most players do in online content. I have been playing Fh4 for a little over half a year and things keep getting worse. I really like this game but, I’m about to uninstall at this point.

I noticed that the last race I did where one drivatars went from one side of the road to the other to ram me as i was going through check point and had one change direction and run into more then once.

I’ve had this and other problems with the drivertards. Particularly with them driving as though they are on dry tarmac when the race is on wet mud or ice.
Have also had two drivertards either side of my car in a cross country race and my car went through a gate they went through a stone wall, but I was the one that slowed, stone wall would have slowed them down more than a gate. Have also noticed that at times the drivertards can continue to accelerate through the air on long jumps whilst I was slowed. Conclusion is the game has built in cheats.

Trials is particularly nasty at beginning of race. But I’ve had plenty in single player make moves in to me that defy laws of physics and they seldom lose any ground doing it.

glad I came across this I thought I was going crazy but I noticed this as well.Seem more aggressive and def playing dirty pushing into wall or outside checkpoints.

Since I can’t connect to any multiplayer servers I’ve only been playing in solo, but last night things seem to be getting weirder drivitars going out of their way to run into me specially at the start of races, getting over taken in mid air by drivitars that were way behind me before the jump. A couple of races last night had them get in front of me then slow right down with no brake lights lighting up also had the issue of me slowing when going through a gap where a wall was and them actually going through the wall next to me and not slowing.