Drivatars using dry lines in the wet @Silverstone - stuck in the barreirs

Looks like the Drivatars are using dry lines during wet races at Silverstone (may also be elsewhere but this is the one I’ve noticed most). I noticed I was leading by a huge distance in career races in the wet on Pro which is usually a good level of challenge for me. Then as I rounded Vale on around lap 3, having had time to start lapping the pack, I saw this this happening.

The problem seems to be the Drivatars hit the standing water on the dry line into Vale and then spin off through the gravel and become stuck against the barriers. There were cars in this barrier on each lap. I’ve uploaded the video if you want to see the chaos unfold or if it is useful for T10 to solve the problem.

Now I’m guessing the problem might be the Drivatars don’t yet have data and synchronised laps for the wet versions of the tracks and this problem might go away as more people play the tracks and their Drivatars learn. Here’s hoping.

It’s no show stopper but did explain why I won in the wet so easily.