Drivatars That Actually Follow Traffic Rules

I feel like this would be a great feature in the next Forza Horizon (if there is going to be one). It would make the game more realistic and it would be a lot of fun car spotting in the game. The online drivatars are great, but they speed everywhere, they hit other cars, they crash into you, they go into fields, etc. I feel like the game would be a lot more interesting if they followed the traffic rules, drove the speed limit, or maybe even just parked in parking lots for a short period of time then taking off, just like all of the normal cars in the game. What do you guys think about this idea?

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The drivatars are the digital representations of the people who play the game and drive in a similar fashion to the people they represent. In order for them to drive sensibly they would have to learn that sensible driving from us. When you play the game do you follow the highway code ?

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I do actually. It’s a lot more fun that way. Just flooring it and crashing into everyone and everything just gets boring after awhile.


While I do believe that player behaviour influences Drivatar behaviour, I highly doubt that it is advanced enough to follow such detailed intricacies in terms of respecting the rules of the road etc.

One example is how a Drivatar drafts and refuses to make a pass if you move just far enough in front of its current path. A real driver would attempt to use the drafting momentum to turn and slingshot past the defending driver (when it’s safe to do so in a race) but I haven’t experienced that in Forza Horizon 2 yet.

On a related note, is there any way for me to “see” how my Drivatar performs, and how I could change my driving style in such a way as to modify its behaviour?

I’ll settle for a “don’t head-on the gamer” script, lol


That’s another thing; whenever you’re waiting at an intersection, there’s always that one drivatar that rams you from behind and just crashes every other car off the road. It should be like Midnight Club: Los Angeles how all the player’s cars would follow the highway code and not crash into anyone.

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I’ve got a solution: drive in real life. I think you’ll quickly realize why a game isn’t built around following real world traffic laws; they suck and make things boring.


If you don’t want stupid Drivatars to ruin your peaceful roaming around therapies, join an online session, where the only AI is the traffic, and where people either drift, chill, or drag race at the airport - not very bothering.

However, Horizon 2 having a little map, you might get tired of always going to the same destinations and reaching them after five minutes; a quick solution would be The Crew. Traffic rules in this game, without being too intrusive, are realistic, the AI is smart, you don’t have the feeling of going VERY slowly at 120 mp/h (200 km/h), and if you don’t want to cruise, there are faction missions as well, that you can do with your friends or alone. Although this may seem interesting for many, the result would be a 50/50 : you see, The Crew is hated by many, not being the exact genre of game for some; try it out for a week or rent it, and if you like it, purchase it, it is big and many things are added each month (like Wild Run in November).

“Therapies” lol

I guess I’m starting to see how lame I sound right now, but it gets annoying when you end up with a four-car-collision because the drivatars don’t know how to drive, so they head-on right into you. Especially if you have a gigantic skill combo, and a drivatar comes and destroys it.

I don’t think you sound lame, far from there - Horizon 2 is a terrible game for cruising, whether it is because of the size of the map, the people playing it, or the stupid AI.

And by therapies, I meant to relax (don’t confuse this with calming down).

Drivatars may be stupid but I like them the way they are… and what they are. Drivatars are virtual representations of real people and how they play the game so it’s not really in their programming to “follow the rules of the road”.

I think what you may be more interested in is actual AI cars that follow the rules of the road. To some extent, the traffic cars do that already.

Google’s been working on 'em for a couple years now :wink:

You mean Alphabet? :wink:

I tend to prefer the Robby, but hey, that’s just me.

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