Drivatars STILL don't receive mechanical damage... really?

As for someone who likes to play forza games on the hardest settings possible, this flaw still really bugs me. It puts me off of turning damage/fuel/tire wear to sim (puts me off of doing the Endurance racing too.). I like a challenge, but having a disadvantage to the rest of the field isn’t the way to do things. I’m disappointed that this hasn’t been fixed since Forza 5.

The AI in previous games weren’t brilliant, but at least you were on a level playing field at max difficulty.

Fingers crossed that T10 will patch this, or at least, have it fixed for number 7.

Don’t get me wrong, F6 is a lot better than 5, but I can’t say it isn’t flawless.

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If I remember rightly traditional AI were able to receive damage in Forza Motorsport 4 so there must be some technical reason why Drivatars don’t have damage enabled.

One way to check if it’s Drivatar-specific would be to do a Showcase Event (which features traditional AI) and attempt to damage one of the competitors, reviewing Replay telemetry afterward.

I disabled Simulation Damage in Forza Horizon 2 primarily because Drivatars wouldn’t take damage anyway, may do the same here.

I’ve noticed this oddity as well; AI cars do not seem to get affected as much after crashing. I don’t remember this being the case in F4. Was it there in F5? Don’t remember.

Could it depend on difficulty level ? I’ve been playing pro and unbeatable and this doesn’t seem to have affected me. I’ve even lapped AIs driving superslowly due to severe damage.

Forza sucks at car damage. NFS Shift and Project CARS have good damage, AI cars can be disabled/lose wheels/get flipped and stay like that for the rest of the race. I think the drivatars aren’t programmed to deal with damage and they’re all over the road after something gets broken. Plus they ram through the other cars intentionally.

I definitley spent plently of time lapping the AI GTLM Z4 after it crashed heavily during the Road Atlanta endurance race, and I’m pretty sure one of the BTCC cars was badly damaged too as the rest of the pack kept leaving him behind.

I’m really interested in confirmation about Drivatar damage in FM6. In FM6 we know in career Drivatars took only cosmetic damage, never having performance affected by anything, didn’t even have cosmetic damage in free play and certainly not mechanical damage, but did take mechanical damage online. Having Drivatars never taking mechanical damage in career is, if true, a major negative. I’m fine with making the game more challenging as I run with no aids, including no racing line and in free play turn rewind off, but it’s really unfair if Drivatars can bang around all day without consequence.

I don’t think ever AI took damage in forza. I could be wrong but I have not played 2 3 or 4 in years…

AI takes damage in FM4 on career. Even pitting if severe enough and race was long enough such season 9 or 10. Pitted behind one a couple weeks ago on FM4.

They definitely took damage in 4. I remember in particular the VW Golf R series on Hockenheim I would do that race just for fun because I could continuously pit the opponent cars and when they get sideways and run off the track into the grass they would flip like crazy, and the cars would be driving really slow and smoking for the rest of the race. Lol.