Drivatars Names / How To Report An Offensive Perverse Name?

so, while racing the ai I have a drivatar name that is offensive and perverse and have seen it a couple times now

i reported it to forza support but, they said its an xbox issue

so, how do I report a name to xbox while on pc?

its not a friend name
i see no way to report in the game either



with your info and a little bit of searching in the app i figured it out

~ on PC we do not need to use the XBOX app while in game.
I think it stays logged in due to microsoft account linking but, from what I see its not running/open anywhere in my taskbar.
possible it is a background app for log in info

~ in the app I did not see two bodies instead, at the top I had to select social tab / but, the app had me in a “find friend” area and I could not search or see other players.
after searching through the app for a couple minutes ​I finally found a X in the corner of that find friend window to bring up the correct window to be able to search for a name

~ with the regular social window open I was able to search for the name and report it

so, the name is reported and I hope the AI doesnt use it anymore!


I’m on xbox - so if you’re on PC it might not work exactly the same way.

However, from the dashboard, if I press the xbox button it brings up a menu if I tab across to the friends tab (icon of two bodies) I have the option to find someone. I tried it with your GT. Once I’ve found you I have the option to report or block. If you select report - The first option is Player name or gamertag.

I obviously didn’t file a report on you - but I reckon that’s how you would go about it.

I don’t play on PC - so someone may be able to guide you better if it’s substantially different on there.

No worries, glad it helped a little bit.