Drivatar warping?

So I have been doing some reading on the forums, and it looks like issues with the AI for the AI drivers is off, my issu is a bit different from what I have read this far.

I am seeing drivatars warping, one moment they are at the bottom of the screen, and a moment later they are right behind me.

I have tested this by pushing a drivatars in to a wall, something they would never catch up to me after happening, and by the next turn or the one after that, they are fighting to overtake me again.

Also the physics in the game for the player car vs the AI car seems to be way off, as well as some AI driver cars seem to have the mass of a white dwarf.

Am I the only one that has noticed these issues?

I have basically hung up the game till these are addressed, as I see this as a massively unfair advantage for the AI drivers.

The programming logic behind the AI is so good in the game that it knows if you retarded its progress maliciously or via a genuine accident. If it was the former, I guess there is logic to restore it to the place it should have been if the malicious intent did not occur. I’ve had no such issues with the AI thus far, and I’m progressing through career mode slowly, but surely!!

I can understand it Tracking where it would be, but when you finally shake someone that’s been your nemesis for quite a while because they went into a wall, gives you the moment that you can breathe a little bit and then to see their daughter Zumba crossed the track right up behind you is very disheartening, I figured that possibly it was a glitch in the system and I turned the difficulty way up to beyond advanced hoping to get rid of this anomaly, I’m still winning races but it’s probably harder than any game I’ve ever played, I can’t remember which games had this before but it was either need for speed or Gran Turismo but they would actually have a handicap boost for the AI cars that you could turn off the dead very much the same thing, and it was one of the things I always turned off, however it also works the same way for you if you were behind significantly it would boost you to catch up to the pack. I want realistic gameplay so if somebody goes into a wall they have to back up and get back on the track and catch back up to speed, but there’s no chance they’re ever going to keep up with you.