Drivatar questions.

This question applies to all the games that use cloud based Drivatars. Do they “live” and exist centrally to all the games? Does a Drivatar from FM7 learn from FM5? Does an FM6 Apex Drivatar learn from FM6 proper? Is there a way in any game to actively teach, while driving against my Drivatar? I don’t like to think that my Drivatar is driving really badly against people, while I’m trying to teach it. Does it go up against others immediately?

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the drivatars are a placebo


They are a name for poor Ai.
The drivertard description they give is a poor excuse for not using development resources to create decent Ai as they once did.

I don’t believe the drivatars carry over at all. I recall seeing my drivatar learning all over again with every iteration of the game. In the original Forza Motorsport, on the original Xbox, you could actually race against your own drivatar, presumably with it learning while you did. But I haven’t seen that feature since.

I understand why he says they are a placebo. Because you really have to take it on faith that your drivatar is actually learning or that it matters at all.

I am of the belief that they are learning. I’m just not sure how or what they are learning. It baffles me because I see gamertags of friends who don’t even play Forza. But since I do believe they are learning, I try to drive clean at all times, even if I come in last. TRY being the operative word. LOL. I just hope my drivatar isn’t as brutal as some of my friends. Geez! I take a beating.

I didn’t join the Forza world until FM5 … and at that time T10 said that drivatars did continue to learn and gather data from all the Forza games to build your drivatar’s driving profile. Whether it actually did at that time or does now … I have no clue. As for friends who don’t play or even own Forza games … their drivatars use a base default profile in lieu of any actual driving data.

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Thank you for the info. I’d really like to see Drivatars be more open, in future games. By that, I mean expose what they’re learning, how they’re using it, and maybe have a one on one training mode. I want to use them to become better at Forza, but I also don’t want to unleash crazy upon Xbox Live.

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