Drivatar feedback loop?

I don’t always hate drivatars, but when I do, it is on narrow tracks with lots of sharp turns. The 'tars just don’t know how to navigate those tracks in a rational manner with 24 cars on the road.

The fact that you have to place 1-3 to move ahead to the next race means that in a lot of cases I drive as psychotically as the drivatars do, in order to get out of the middle of the pack and finish the race, so that I can stop running the same track over and over. This puts one more insane drivatar on the road, ruining other peoples’ game experiences.

If fixing the drivatars isn’t an option, and if turning them off without disconnecting from the Internet isn’t an option, and not forcing us to podium to move ahead isn’t an option, how about limiting the number of drivatars for some tracks?