Drivatar difficulty - an experiment

So, I was curious about the performance difference between the various Drivatar difficulty levels, so I decided to run the same race with the same field on each difficultly.

Track: Hockenheimring Short Circuit - 5 laps

My car: Bright yellow 2010 Maserati GT-8, upgraded from stock with racing tires, Street Weight reduction, flywheel and oil/cooling upgrades. PI= 600
The field PI’s ranged from B565 to A614. Only assists used were driving line and no clutch (well, I used normal steering, but with a controller…)

Limit driver aggression was turned off.


Difficulty Finish My Time Winning time My best Lap Average Best Lap (Field)
New Racer 1st 07:06.280 N/A 01:22.493 1:34.087
Inexperienced 1st 07:09.982 N/A 01:21.832 D 1:30.609
Average 1st 06:55.828 N/A 01:21.699 1:27.391
Above Average 1st 06:56.754 N/A 01:20.597 1:26.174
Highly Skilled 4th 06:57.599 06:48.003 01:20.442 D 1:21.739
Expert 5th 06:49.488 06:34.051 01:19.314 D 1:18.913
Professional 12th 06:50.089 06:23.033 01:19.360 D 1:17.391
Unbeatable 24th 06:53.558 06:14.669 01:18.652 D 1:13.783


  1. Since the results don’t show times for anyone who finishes after me, I had to use best lap as the standard of comparison. This is not perfect (for one thing, a few drivatar’s managed clean laps.), but my interest in this subject wasn’t sufficient to sit back and finish last every time. :slight_smile:

  2. As you can see, the Drivatars got steadily better with each difficulty. The amount of getting bumped increased noticeably after I moved up to highly skilled. Part of it was an increase in driver aggression, but probably some of it was the fact I led by the end of the first lap in the first three races. There were no instances of Rabbit AI, I am wondering at this point if the problem hasn’t largely been solved.

  3. This is not strictly relevant to the test, but I was interested in the improvement of my own times. Some of it was due to my becoming more familiar with what the car would do on this track ( I had never driven it at all before this test, let alone on this specific track), but I think the more important factor was competition. When you can see a car a 100 metres ahead of you (or right on your ass), you are very motivated to find anywhere where you might shave a fraction of a second off your time.

Anyway, hopefully someone will find the results of interest.


Sigh, I carefully spaced out the results table so it was neat and readable. If anyone has any ideas how to get that formatting to appear in the post, I would be glad to hear about it. :frowning:

The forum (and most forums using BBCode for that matter) doesn’t accept tabs or multiple spaces, unless you’re using the Code Tags and the forum has the Code feature installed.

Your best bet is to dump your figures into a spreadsheet and screenshot it.


Thanks Mangoplah7!

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