Drivatar cornering like an F1 car in a RWD C-Class?

Hi I’ve been playing Forza 6 for the past few days and I’ve noticed that in every race I compete in, there’s one drivatar that corners like an F1 car yet others including me are drifting, sliding, going off track etc. this is with any car type, in this instance right now it’s a RWD C-Class. I even tried setting the difficulty to the lowest and the same drivatar is still in the races. Is anyone else getting this problem? I think Forza should have a remove drivatar option so that this can be stopped.

He’s probably just running the Grip Overlord mod for +1000% grip, +100% transform tarmac to adhesion railway (not an actual mod).



Among others.

Drivatars and AI difficulty setting in this game are an ABSOLUTE JOKE!!! At this moment I can’t even get to 3rd place in the V8 supercars @ long Beach AT THE LOWEST DIFFICULTY SETTING (new player!!!) because 4 drivatars are always way ahead of the pack. Yes I might not be the best driver but this is just plain pathetic.

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Go offline. – there is something wrong with them. And some of us are just that fast.- so if it doesn’t dumb us down to match the experience level picked. It’s on like donkey kong.

I personally find it much easier to get through the pack at higher drivatar levels as they tend to brake more normally and don’t make such huge log jams. If a drivatar is out front of this. It does make sense that it gets away. But there is something wrong.

It’s just good Corning. -but there is a drivatar issue. For me it’s always one of my friends and they usually do to use your words “corner like they are in an F1”. I’ve noticed the drivatar friend that is super fast in lower drivatar levels is a bit easier in higher drivatar setting.

I think they should match the drivatar setting you apply. But for some reason they do not. Me and sketchy were battling the whole length of the race until last lap nearly 6 seconds I front of P4-13. So his drivatar was SIGNIFICANTLY faster then the others and like in real life didn’t make many mistakes.

What iterates me is how everyone can blast off the line in the rain besides me. :wink:

Here’s a temporary fix that I mentioned on another post until T10 gets this patched:

TESTING OFFLINE AFTER A COLD REBOOT WORKS! But I suspect my lap times will not be posted and updated on the leaderboards when I reconnect back to XB LIVE.

Then fire up the game OFFLINE and let me know if you get the same positive results.

I saw zero friends in the race lineup list. And none of them were pulling the usual God mode stunts. It was great! I could turn up the diff. and have a realistic race! I am now enjoying the game as it should be.

The sacrifice is not being able to post my best laps times online. But I would rather enjoy great racing over the broken AI that has been making me not want to play. Again, I’m not sure about the leaderboard part yet. But I will look into that.

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