Drifting problems

In Forza horizon 2 the drifting was great, but in Forza 6 I can’t even stay in a drift. Is there a secret to it, should I be in awd or rwd, and
they should make it easier?

I think it’s fine the way it is. The past couple of forza games were too easy in terms of drifting. Felt like all you had to do was mash the car into the corner and do full counter steer. In 6, it feels like you actually have to make some sort of steering adjustments and throttle control.


Forza Horizon was an arcade game, so drifting on there was pretty easy. Handrake and throttle and you pretty much had it down. Forza Motorsport is more simulation than arcade, it’s a bit more realistic so you have to be a bit more controlled. However, if you could drift on Horizon 2, you can drift on FM6. Use what you know and keep practicing. All you need to remember is that you need to tone it down a little. You need to feel the car. You need to start to realise and understand when you can put a bit more throttle or when you need to let off a little, and when you need to countersteer more or less. Take a nice open space, like the Top Gear track or the Test whatever it’s called, and drift around nothing, just in open space, until you get the feel for keeping the car sideways around a curve. Then start trying to do it within the confines of the track.

If you want, i could add you on Xbox Live and i could help you get used to it? Me and a few friends have been drifting on Forza games since FM2.

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Yeah, drifting takes a lot more nuance in the Motorsport series. I find the trick is to be really careful on the acceleration trigger to see just how much you can push the car before spinning out. You’ll know when you hit the sweet spot. =)

A lot of people suggest trying to do donuts to learn throttle control or drifting in open space… but you have to learn by doing it.

Find a track you like, and pick two corners. Start out by trying to drift through only the first corner. As you learn to control the car better with more feathering of the throttle and precise steering try to link the two corners.

Just lettin’ ya’ know, the controller deadzones in forza 6 are wonked out. Take a look online as to how they should be fixed - they’re currently set up for people with borked thumbsticks. Changing those options to something more sane will remove a lot of the “snap oversteer” issues prevalent in FM6 drifting.

Of course, the prior posts also give good advice - my suggestion is only relevant if you’ve already gotten the basics down.

Just post us a link to the settings article.

+1 the settings would be great

Tune the car for drifting is good start.