Drifting lobby options?

Are there any options for what lobbies you get matched? It always seems to be random when I go to Open Drift Meetup. Which I understand is an open meet up, but there are no other classifications.
I like doing skids with something I could build in real life, and currently I’m obsessed with the Infiniti G35 so I built it with light mods to keep it practical, which maxed out as a B class car.
But every lobby, I’m always set with everyone in S and R class cars so getting a good position on the leader board is extremely hard.

The faster cars clearly have a huge advantage over me, and it’s like of a 50/50, I can either use the car I want and struggle, or use something I’ll never afford or be able to build in real life just to have a chance at moving up the ranks.

I also can’t find an option to filter which tracks for Open Drift Meetup so I’m assuming there isn’t one. Which sucks because if there’s a track I’m just not feeling, I gotta load a lobby, see what track it is, if I don’t wanna do skids there, go back, wait for it to load, load up another lobby, wait for it to load, check the track, and MOST times, it picks the same track, I was doing it just now and I got the same track 4 times in a row and that track is really boring and with rain on so many tight corners it’s more stressful than relaxing and fun so I’m just really not about that track, but it doesn’t seem to get the hint that I don’t wanna race that track and keeps putting me in that lobby lol.

Some future options I would like to see would be to filter which lobby you go in, make a vehicle class open meetup, so only B class or only A class cars so you have a chance on the ranks, and the option to filter out which tracks you DONT like so it’s still random, adds more adventure, but excludes the ones you have zero interest in.

Also, what’s the deal with reporting people? I find myself on a really good track, really good people, tons of respect, people slowing down to avoid you, moving over to not mess up your line, etc, and then the lobby gets flooded with X class trolls that go full speed into you, push you off the track, and stop in front of you, and the in game reporting is broken on PC, it just tells me every time that it can’t be summited right now, try again later, it never works. I always have to leave the game, go to the Xbox app on PC, and search for their usernames manually, then make a report from there. It’s really annoying when I’m trying to stream this stuff and I gotta put my stream on hold while I report trolls and even then, I still have to find a new lobby because even with them reported, their still in the lobby ruining everyone’s time.

So, I think I already know my answer on most of these questions but does anyone have any suggestions on how to get matched with better lobby’s of similar class cars? or an easier way to block trolls from ruining a good lobby? or if there’s a way to filter out tracks I don’t wanna drive?
I love that Forza has drifting finally, but it’s REALLY limited and it’s on the border of almost being annoying for the lack of features for how hard it is to just have a good time rather than everything being about the best, fastest, most aggressive, and trolls.