Drifting friends/tips/tricks

Hello all. I’m not necessarily new to forza, but I am new to drifting, and online. I haven’t played since forza 3. Anyways just looking for buddies to drift/drag/ or even circuit race with. And if some of you guys can help me with tunes and techniques that be even better. I’m open to any advice I can get and it would be greatly appreciated. GT: KingFro212

I’m usually always on after 4:00 pm (central)

Happy drifting,

Hey there!

I’ve added you now :slight_smile: feel free to message or invite me whenever you feel like it.


Hello! I’ve been with flow society for quite a while now and we tandem drift daily, and if we’re feeling dangerous we’ll do some KOTH. Send me a message sometime and I’d be more than happy to give you some pointers.

If by dangerous you mean no retardation for once XD