Drifting Etiquette

Heres a thread to let new people know the rules on Drifting Etiquette online
This thread was thought up after several players in a Drift Lobbie are crossing the finish lines before everyone else has finished their session
Just because you are the 1st one to the finish line,doesnt mean you can automatically cross it.This sets the Finish Race trigger off meaning if you are a lap or so behind,your last lap means squat
Your linking a set of corners together,then BAM,you give it the Berries and you spin off line.No biggy.The issue here is there are up to 23 other cars on the track trying to get points up as well.Join the track off to the side or when there are no cars around
Drifting is about getting it sideways.It isnt a demo derby
Running someone off track on purpose and thinking ots funny,well it really isnt.We re hear to slide,not to be probed in the rear by a E23 F1 car.

If anyone else can ad to this thread,by all means please do it.Im far from a perfect drifter but i think this thread needed to be made so we can all ‘Keep Drifting Fun’


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there will aways be people like this

Yes ! Good topic for discussion. I am a mature adult. I do understand any proper etiquette. Especially rules of the road, both real world and virtual world. I spin out, notice a few cars getting slideways, i wait for them to go by. As soon as its clear i go, then out of nowhere some idiot comes bumps into me with a Lotus F1 car, pushes me out of that 6000 plus point slide into the sand traps. Really?

People just think its funny,thats all i can put it down to
Then they get booted from a lobby
Jump into another lobby and then its wash,rinse,repeat

If there was a way to put some sort of ban on constant nuisances,im sure they d cut it out pretty quickly

Yeah thats sucks i made a thrad about the endtime was to short but no one agreed

Oh yeah and the finishing early thing. I feel like some people watch the map and 1 person is getting close, by the last turn, they just troll and cross the line.

There will always be people like this, no matter what you do, you will run in to some people who can’t behave like a mature adult, that being said, drift for fun, not points. I had a blast for almost two hours straight last night drifting online, sure, there were crashes, people flew back on to the track at times, sometimes I couldn’t finish my lap, but I really didn’t care. I got some sick tandems in with some aweseome guys, and had a blast, I jumped around a few lobby’s until I joined a near full one that was decent enough, and a lot of the drifters were polite, and understood proper etiquette.

Some didn’t, but I paid them no mind, I couldn’t care less about my points rating, I just wanna get sideways, and get on someones door. It made it a lot more fun when I stopped caring about performance and started going for enjoyment. Now, I’m not suggesting that people stop drifting for points, or that drifting for points is in any way lesser to not, but its just something to keep in mind. The spirit of taking part and having fun, rather than placement. In short, try not to let some morons ruin your fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy drifting~

110% agreed mate
Add me if you want to slide sometime

Sure! I’m still learning the ropes, this game is completely different to Horizon 2, haha. I’ll add you when I get back from work tonight! :slight_smile:

There will always be this issue I think, especially on FM6 as it is quite a hard game to drift on ( For noobs) - Compared to FM4